homemade soap?

  • Hi everyone,
    can anyone tell me how to make homemade hand soap at home? I've heard some stories that it impossible & dangerous & from others that do it. I've always wanted to give it a try.
    Just another way to live frugal anyway.
    Thanks for any help & advice.
  • homemade soap?
    I realy dont know but would like to try it my self too.
  • Sandy & Bunny

    I have made homemade soap. I will see if I can find some links to a site that shows you how.

    I will say you need to use extreme caution as you will be working with lye and it can burn you or a family member very badly. It's a project best done while children are out of the house.

    Having said that let me go search through my files and get you a link.

  • We have at least one member here at FC who makes homemade soap. I use her soaps all the time, so it's definitely not impossible

    I'll message OSI and let her know that you are asking about this subject. You might also want to check the crafting forum as we have a section on soapmaking there!
  • Here is the link, any questions pop back on and ask me.


  • thank you everyone
    Thanks everyone. I'll check out that site & see what it's all about.
  • ((chuckle))

    We may never see Sandy again, LOL! There is so much wonderful information to read on that site one of the best I've seen that explains about the history of soap making and lots of other wonderful stuff pertaining to women.

    When you are ready for resources, again give me a holler and I'll try to direct you there.