Do you have a piggy bank or change jar? Are you saving for some special reason?

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  • We have several things collecting money.
    One is an old milk bottle we use for pennies. That money will go to buy a gift for a needy child.
    One is a ceramic pumpkin that holds nickels, dimes and quarters. It is for whenever change is needed for various things.
    The other is what we call Maddie's Movie Money. When Maddie was almost 3 we took her to see a Harry Potter movie. After that she was always wanting to "go see Harry Potter" . So I started the movie box. When ever I can get her to do a chore, feed the kitty, put mail in the box, pick up toys, she gets some change for in her box. I counted it recently, she has over $13.00 . I told her if we go to a matinee the can take her Nanna and her sisters.
    We now have the calendar marked to count down the days till Harry Potter 4 opens.

  • Quote: We have a change jar, but the kids keep raiding it so they can buy a snack after lunch at school I should really hide it better!

    Same thing happens here at our house.

    I've been thinking of getting some of those clear piggy banks at Wal-Mart and have one each for quarters, dimes, etc to sort of keep the coins sorted.
  • I have 3 stashes. A huge bank shaped like a baby bottle, only for pennys, because the grandkids wanted to know how long it will take to fill, so far 2 1/2 years and it's only half full. A jar for silver change that I'm saving for a slot machine in Boomtown, Nevada. I also save $1 bills for Christmas money and this month have started adding $5 bills.

    I'm always surprised at how easy it is to save change, it adds up quickly.

    Love & Prayers,
  • piggy bank
    I had a small pink pig for a piggy bank and put pennies in it. When it got full I took it to the bank to be counted. $26.00 I was surprised. I keep saving those pennies
  • As a rule I don't spend any change either. I have several banks with odd change dimes etc NO pennies they go in another little pig bank. Some time early next month I will count out the change in these banks roll it and take to bank for bills as will use for Christmas. As things are tighter than I thought this year and do want to get some gifts. That is the highlite of MY Christmas giving to others. Already got Judy two things and want to get her something else as the two that I do have are "sort of" traditional gifts but want to get something else that she will not expect. Maybe a CD or a Video. Gina is getting her a new CD/Stereo player as hers died couple weeks ago and this "child" is totally lost without her music. Her cassette player died too. For those reading this that does not know Judy is my mentally challenged daughter and is such a big help to me here.

    Sorry for rattling on and on
  • I have a jar in my kitchen where I put all the loose change I collect. My DS has several piggy banks in his room where he saves all the change he finds. Before I had DS I would save my change for a year and then cash it in for Christmas gifts or a weekend away for DH and I. Since DS started school, I can't seem to save it as well. I am always dipping into it for milk money or snack money for school. When my DS banks get full, we take it to the bank. I allow him to spend some of it and the rest goes into his savings account.

  • The last time we cashed in our change jar we bought a small horse trailer for our son. ($400.00) It's been 5 yrs since then and the level is 3 times as much . I call it our retirement account.
  • Quote: Same thing happens here at our house.

    I've been thinking of getting some of those clear piggy banks at Wal-Mart and have one each for quarters, dimes, etc to sort of keep the coins sorted.

    Oh that would be way to organized for my house. LOL!!!

    Good Idea though!!
  • Retirement, what on earth is that? LOL.
    I like having the jars or whatever for our change. Especially the one for the movies. It gives the girls a reason to save the change instead of just spending it.

  • piggy bank
    I started a new jar and called it my vacation fund. Maybe I can save enough to take a nice long vacation LOL