May change jars!! Start saving!

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  • We did good in April! What can we do for May!
  • I hope that my family and I can save up to $150 dollars this time!! :)
    I hope that my family and I can save up to $150 dollars this time!!
  • I am doing this too....began it with another board I am a member really works! I can save money better this way than any other.
  • Already I have $22.67 in the jar and it's only the 7th. It wouldn't be so much but I had to buy Stamps yesterday and the post office window was closed so used the vending machine in the lobby and it gave me back the gold dollar coins for change. Since the food and gas for car is already bought for the week I put those coins in the jar.
  • I'm game. I'm all for continuing to add to last months total.
  • i just started but look
    well i just started and i have a whopping 13.85. that is good concidering me and hubby fight over who is going to get the change. he saves for a vaction last year we paid for our vaction that way food hotel everything. but mine i have not decided what i am saving for yet. the vaction is a good idea but i would like something differant perhaps new carpet for the living room who knows.
  • Looks like I'm gonna have to dip into my jar this week end. But I guess it beats pulling out one of those credit cards eh girls?!
  • You bet it does!!!!! You are your own credit card company! That's so great! Way to go, Kim! Your future's so know. hehe
  • does it have to be a jar?
    lol....seriously, I use a ceramic chicken for all my "found" change and a jelly jar by the washer. I've never kept a monthly total, I usually seperate the coins by type and store them in small tins until I either fill them or need the $$ for something.
    I'm in to see how much I can "find" this month. I'll use it to buy myself a "special" when we go to OH in June for our son's wedding.
  • Here's an idea
    I run two balances in our check book. I know it sound funny. But this is how I do it...

    I round up to the nearest dollar. and put that amount in the balance column. then I keep a running balance of the change over by where you mark off a check when it comes back. I started this at the first of March and to this day I have $81.22
    I also have a change jar but my daughter dips into this for icecream money at school. And my husband takes my quaters for the toll road. ( So not much luck there )

    I got the idea from my husband's grandmother. She was telling me a story about his grandfather always rounding up to the nearest dollar. But he never kept a running balance of his change. When he died and grandma had to sit down with the check book and balance it, She found that he had almost $25,000
    hidden in change in the account.

    So I thought this was worth a try.