May change jars!! Start saving!

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  • What a great idea. It's also a nice cushion against overdrafts.
  • Tally Up Time!
    Ok, I have been busy and not been around much lately, but I haven't forgotten!! Time too see how much we saved for May! I saved $12, which I am happy with. This was a very tight month, and we had too go away for a few days and the car needed fixed twice, UGH! so I am pleased with my $12! How did we all do! Ready for June?

    I like the checkbook idea!
  • Rough month here! Had to take out of the jar instead of put in! But I am just glad I had it to use! I'm off to a good start for June though. I put all my quarters in the jar Saturday after the yard sale!
  • I just counted up, I saved $28.57 this month This month will be hard as the dryer is broken and we have to go away so I'll need to raid the quarters to do laundry if the weather is bad.
  • My DH and I saved up about $250 in our "change jar" over a period of about a year and a half, we took a nice vacation to Cedar Point and to visit my DH's elderly grandmother. Our change jar paid for the entire vacation. I know vacationing isn't very frugal but it was a nice time and well deserved, plus the visit with DH's grandma was definitely priceless!
  • Starting June 2003 change jar challenge.