How much change can you save?

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  • Ok, I am borrowing this idea from frugal moms.
    Starting Monday April first lets see how much change we can save for the month! Pull that lose change out of the bottom of your purse and check out those sofa cushions! If you can, pay for items with only bills and save the change! I did this one time and went on vacation with only my saved change. It was great! Who wants too join me! Come on lets get this frugal sectin hopping!
  • We already have a change jar and now make a point of putting all the change in it. We go through pockets and everything. So far I have over $100 in rolled coins. Hey I might just join you on this.
  • I have started doing this last month, it is great, you just don't realise how quickly it adds up! Even my daughters, who have a knack of finding pennies come running up to me when we are out saying " Mummy I have found a penny can I put it in the pot??!"
    I am teaching them well! I will keep it and when I have loads I will take it to the bank and put it in my savings account.
    "Save your pennies and the pounds look after themselves!" Lovely old saying and I am now checking to see if it works!
  • Re: How much change can you save?
    Originally posted by aubry
    If you can, pay for items with only bills and save the change
    I knew a man years ago who only paid for items with bills. In fact, he not only saved change, but his $1 bills and $5 bills too. I realize that not everyone can afford to do this, but he did and when he counted his "change jar" (he filled a 5 gallon water bottle) at the end of the year he had almost $10,000!! Amazing!

    We have a change coffee can that is full. My DH just counted it last week and there was over $200 in there. I have a few dollars sitting on top of my dryer and was JUST going to make a jar for that. How weird that I saw this thread!
  • Count me in!
    This is a cool idea, and I am looking forward to trying it.Pay anything and everything with only bills, then save the change and deposit it into a container at the end of every day? And we will do this for the month of April?

    Great! I will do it. Sandie
  • I have a change jar, but there's never more than about 9 pennies in there. I always seem to spend any silver change somehow.
  • I started my change jar in January and already have $75 in it!!
  • I am definitely going to do this!! Just think of all the sore shoulders or torn pockets we won't have from dragging all that change around!!!!!!!!
  • My husband does this and at the end of the year that is what we spend on Christmas. It really helps.

    I save my change already and use it for those times when the cupboard is bare and we have no money. It comes in real handy.
  • I started doing this in January but I haven't counted it yet. I did have to take out a few quarters for school lunches a couple of times but I have pretty much been saving my coins for my trip to Cozumel this summer.