How much change can you save?

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  • This sounds like a neet idea! But...... I have to say that I am kinda like Julie who gets in to when we need a milk run or lunch $$$ or when we have an emergency and need every single penny to pay. I guess I need to budget better and forget about my change jar unless I am adding to it. So Monday I will start I have already placed a jar in the laundry room. Thats where I find the most change.

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  • Project Jar
    I have always kept a change jar (taking a lesson from my parents) and as newlyweds, my husband and I funded larger projects like wallpapering and painting with our rolled change. Later, after we had a child, I saved our change during the winter months to roll and use at yard sales in the Spring and Summer. Yard sales are already great bargains, but using money that wasn't already circulating within our pockets made those purchases hurt even less. The month of April I'll keep a new change jar with you girls and see what kind of damange I can do during the May sales. Thanks for a great thread!
  • Ok, ladies it is 4/2 lets start those change jars!!
    I am hoping too have enough by summer too fund a day at the amusement park for the kids!
    What would you like too do with it?
  • I've decided that I deserve a new pair of tennis shoes for daily wear so I have gathered up all my change from my pockets, dresser, laundry room and purse and have begun. I am not going to use it for groceries or anything like that until I have enough money for my shoes!
  • Change can really add up!
    In January I decide to roll all the loose change we had since it seemed every where I looked (in baskets, on dressers, car consoles) there was a pile of change or at least a penny. I had already been collecting my change and any found in washer, but DH had a terrible habit of just putting it in or on anything that was close. I gathered everything I found and started rolling, it totaled at $511.50. My husband almost had a heart attack when I told him. First, we made a deposit and second I invested in a automatic change roller. Now, my DH drops his change in the machine every day, I'm going to collect for a full year and see what the total is. I also, have hubby setting aside all his ones at the end of every week, since he just uses a new bill every time he buys something and when his wallet gets overrun with ones he comes to me to change 20 ones for a 20 dollar bill or the like. when they add up to $100 I'll deposit $50 into each kids savings. This way their savings will go up, but without any obvious dent in our budget.
  • I've been doing it for awhile and I added it up today and it's almost $150.00!!!!!!! I will see what we have at the end of the month. I'm not sure what to do with it yet.
  • How much did the change roller cost and where did you get it? Thanks
  • When My Dear Husband and I were in our first year of marriage we saved about $300 dollars in just change and we put that into the bank!! Now it seems like we can't even save that much anymore!! I wish we could save that much money and more !!
    I am working on that and other issues concerning my family and Frugality Issues in my family!!
  • Saving change is a great idea. I remember seeing a man on Oprah that paid for his son's college education just by throwing all his change in a jar over an 18 year span. Every so often he put the money in the back to gain interest. Shows what can be done!
  • Saving Change / Coin Roller
    I started saving my change when I married DH b/c he did it. A couple of years ago I got an automatic roller for around $20 from the Sharper Image or some other similar store with gadgets. Teh automatic sorter no longer works very well so I just manually sort them but it's still useful b/c they go into round tubes that are just the right size for rolling, and it still automatically counts for me.

    Not saving for anything in particular, I just grab some rolls when I need cash and haven't gotten to the ATM.