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bluebird 03-30-2009 07:11 AM

I think my washing is dying
Works great but when it spins, the clanging noise it makes! Very off balance clanging noise. It is seven or eight years old. When researching it on the net, I have found lots of people have had problem with this model. This machine is a borderline lemon. I am thinking about buying a new washer a front loader. It would have to go on the credit card. I am weighing both sides of the coin. Water savings, time savings, dryer savings, not much there I try not to use my dryer. I already make laundry soap so no savings there. I will call the company today and talk to them about this model. I live in the boonies. I think a service call would be costly.

happymomof4 03-30-2009 08:19 AM

If you deside to buy a new one. Look for the deals were you can get a credit card for 1 yrs purchase same as cash. GE has those kind of deals all the time. I bought my washer and dryer on a 6 month deal with no interest. Paid it off in 5 same as cash. I also bought my new oven in the fall on a 1 yr plan. I figured out what my payments had to be to pay it off before the time. The stuck to those payments.

Just remember if you get a deal like that if you don't pay it off in full by the date. They go back and apply the interest from the purchase date and the full amount.

Best of luck.

Coll 04-04-2009 07:49 AM

bluebird, you probably have a broken bolt in there. I had the same problem, the repair guy came and took one of my own bolts to use, it has been working great ever since. He said older bolts are stronger, guess he was right.

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