micro/convection/toaster ovens

  • Does anyone have one of these? Or a micro/convection oven? I don't think we use our microwave enough to justify the counter space it takes up. What can one do with a convection oven?
  • I have a canvection microwave oven, the reason we bought this many yrs ago was because the main oven in our house didn't work that well and I used it a great deal, I now have abetter bigger oven but use the micro convection when there is only a small thing to bake, 75% of the time it's used just a micro wave. They are also dearer but bigger than a normal micro. It sits in a nook in the wall off the bench top.
    Mine does not have an element to toast.
  • What can you cook with it?
  • Convection part, anything you cook in your normal kitchen oven, it crisps and browns as per usual, the mirco part as per micro, different parts in the make up make the convection microwave, 2 separate ovens in one space.
  • My MIL used to have one and she would use the convection part to do a pan of brownies, meatloaf, etc. when she wasn't doing a big cooking section and didn't want to heat up the oven.

  • We have a reluar stove with an oven and a small microwave.I use the microwave to cook up alot of my stuff too.

  • Thanks!