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leasmom 08-30-2004 03:56 AM

Low carb Lunch Ideals for adults and kids!
Hello everyone. Next week my will-be 8 yr old dd who is getting overweight wants to start Low carbing too. I'm for it because her weight is getting a little out of hand. She already was a chubby little girl in the last year or so and now she has become alot heavier and can't fit into clothes for her age and kids are teasing her.

So, I agreed that she should go low carb. So, she's gonna take her lunch part of the time to school. On days that there is something she can eat if she just pulls the bun off, she'll take a drink or snack. On full days, she takes a full lunch.

I have a few ideals that I'll post a little later. But, does anyone have any ideals for lunch for either kids or adults who are brown bagging it???

ajrsmom 08-30-2004 05:28 AM

I would definitely say LC tortilla wraps---tuna, egg salad, turkey...whatever she likes

celery and cream cheese, even natural p-nut butter.

LC yogurt

hard boiled eggs

cheese and pepperoni chunks

I would still add some lower carb fruit for her too.

salsa and homemade LC tortilla chips

salads if she likes them--chef salads would work great but a lot of kids dont like them.

SF jello

for a treat SF pudding

Even use LC whole wheat or rye bread if she really likes sandwiches

HTH ::-)::


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