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  • Leasmom, Congratulations on your Blue Ribbon !!!!!

    You are getting a good deal by using the gym for free!

    I havent bought any of the ice cream sandwiches yet because Im afraid that I wont stop. LOL!!

    It is so hot and sticky here today. I wish that it would rain for a while and cool it off!
  • I buy the ice cream bars, and keep them in the basement chest freezer. They freeze harder down there, so it takes longer to eat one. Plus, they're not tempting me every time I open the kitchen freezer. I have to really want one to make a special trip downstairs.

    Leasmom, what was your blue ribbon recipe? Congratulations!

    It's cool and breezy here. I just got back from a walk.
  • Blue Ribbon recipe???
    I have no ideal...what does that mean???'s for the Strawberry Banana Bread recipe...not lowcarb, but the one I made for my dd and posted on the What's For Dinner sister, niece and nephew ate an entire bag of it. How neat to get a Blue Ribbon!!!