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LJsmom 03-29-2004 01:05 PM

Leasmom you are an inspiration to us all.:heart:
Somersizing is another LC program, but you don't see much hype about it. Its not as strict as Atkins but along the same lines; for me thats better.
I think dh is losing faster than me, now thats just NOT fair.

and to all those ignorant people, they will get theirs. what comes around goes around !!!

leasmom 03-29-2004 01:11 PM

I read somewhere that men take off the weight faster than us gals
It is unfair but they don't hold water like we do...jeez!!!

I just got through walking...I think I'm gonna start walking 3 X's a week, I've got the time, why not!!! I feel so much better after walking...I must've activated some long lost muscle or something cause after walking my arm feels tighter-hmmm... I kept telling myself...I;m gonna be a power-walker oneday...that's when this elderly lady started walking and to my 1 lap she passed me up twice-LOL!...maybe that'll be me oneday and active at an elderly age!!!

VickiLynn 03-29-2004 02:01 PM

Patrice, glad to hear you got your "whoosh". I know you've been waiting for it. Before you know it, that stomach will be gone! Keep up the good work.:)

I just got home from the store. I picked up some Phase 1 staples: lots of green stuff (celery, zucchini, spinich.....), and some duct tape (for my mouth). That should get me through 2 more weeks of ph. 1.;)

leasmom 03-29-2004 03:59 PM

Duct Tape-LOL!
Good for you too!!! My favorite green thing is spinach, as long as it's not cooked!!! I had cooked greens-(from the can)-for breakfast yesterday. I just needed a good change. Keep up the good work, we're gonna make it!!!

ajrsmom 03-29-2004 04:10 PM

Good for You, Leasmom!!! ^^ ^^

You have been working really hard and deserve to see some great results!! :-D

LJsmom, Ive heard about Somersizing but I havent read a lot about it. There were some others here doing that plan at one time too. What is the overview of it?

There are so many different lc plans out there, its so hard to make a choice!!

VickiLynn, Just a word about the duct hurts to pull it off!! ROFLMAO ;-) I think that Ive tried everything to keep me from cheating at one time or another.

I want to go to the big flea market/farmers market in Ohio next this Friday but they are predicting rain and its not a place that you want to go walk around in the in. Hopefully the weather will change by then.

Im out of everything again. This is pretty expensive but Im sticking to it.


leasmom 03-29-2004 08:35 PM

I spend about $15 extra a week
Of course I don't buy that many LC products too, but just the basic's can cost. But, it makes you feel so good to eat better that I don't mind the cost. Next week I go grocery shopping but I will probably have to buy more before then.

I check the sales every week...because where I live food is VERY expensive. I'm hoping it'll be cheaper when I move.

LJsmom 03-29-2004 09:59 PM

Somersizing is basically LC but with food combining. Sounds complicated but not really. Certain types of foods digest quicker or hamper the digestion of others when combined together. For inst. fruits should never be eaten with other things. The acidity (or something) slows down absorbtion and can cause bloating.

Sounds weird I know, but pay attention the next time you eat fruit with or w/o other foods.

Shes also pushing low sugar and whole grains (not whole wheat-there is a difference). Found it easier because you don't have to count carbs, just watch what you eat them with.

check out some books in the library just for grins. If you can get past the 3's company image in your head, she's very upbeat and has tons of great recipes that are good for any LC'er if nothing else.

I lost 15# really quick, then ooopsed on ice cream as a stress reliever. Now I'm back on track.

leasmom 04-05-2004 04:22 PM

I'm now in a size 26/28!!!
Which is wonderful since I started out at a size 36 shirt, which was very tight...or a 5X when it should've been a 6X...

So I bought a $6.38 shirt at Walmart and was gonna take it back in exchange for some undies...I had bought them a size too small at first but now they fit so I decided to not buy them and instead put on the shirt. It fit and has room but not falling off, but it's not tight- and dd says that I have room, I should get a smaller shirt-LOL! I told her no I need it to be nearly falling off before I get another one...

And I noticed that my stomach is smaller...stomach A is still hanging down but stomach B now doesn't stick out like I'm pregnant so I'm happy about that- While you can still see Stomach A hanging down low...or as someone calls it their apron-LOL, it's alot better than'll be there awhile but it's still nice to know it's going away...

I'm not sure if I can fit into all sized 26/28 but I know the size 30 shirts are too big and look too big now and so I'll have to replace them in a minute...I also need to buy some new pair is nearly falling off and so I found the same pair at Walmart for $14, but I don't know if I should buy the clothes now or wait...I only have about 4 pair of pants now...and one is hanging off...what should I do???

Decisions, decisions!!!

VickiLynn 04-05-2004 04:28 PM


Go buy yourself some new pants. You deserve a reward for all your hard work.

ajrsmom 04-05-2004 06:06 PM

YAY!!!!! WOW !!!!! YIPPEE!!!! ^^ :daisy:

Just think of it this way too......... WalMart's clothes are smaller in size compared to Lane Bryant and places like that .....just think of what size you would be in there!! I do that for motivation too!!

I have been putting off buying any summer clothes in hopes of dropping a size. How about Goodwill or Salvation Army or someplace like that? That way you wouldnt have to pay an arm and a leg for something that you wont get a lot of wear out of.
Hit the clearance racks too.....I found a great pair of ST Johns dressier sweat pants on a clearance rack when I was looking for maternity clothes for $6.00 marked down from $35 !!! They were only a 2x but they fit!!! They are my favorite pants even though they are getting worn out. Cant hurt to check it out!!

Good Luck on your search.

Be very proud of what youve accomplished!!!!!


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