Low Carb Dinner Ideas

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  • Since there are so many of us who are on one of the low carb diet plans, I thought that I would start a place where we could share menus, recipes and ideas. This could be for any low carb plan....South Beach, Atkins or whatever.....

    I have some recipes that I will post later on that are very good.

    I hope that everyone will join me here !!!

  • Good Idea Tammi.....*s*

    I made this a few nights ago....

    Baked Salmon with Garlic

  • thanks for starting this thread cant wait to see some great recipes and share some.
  • Tonight is Porkchops,
    I made bread-less meatloaf the other day and had scrambled eggs w/ cheese, broccoli w/cheese and bun-less hamburgers yesterday for dinner.

    I am not sure but I think I'm out of the broccoli which was so good!! I know I'm having Porkchops but don't know what else to have with it since most of the foods in the house is carbs for dd.

    I may boil a few eggs...I dunno.
  • Heres some recipes that I have collected

    Cottage Cheese Muffins - ph 1-2

    This is a recipe taken from The Carbohydrate Addict's Lifespan Program by Dr. Richard and Dr. Rachael Heller. Even with the soy flour -- I would consider it appropriate for phase I. If it gives you cravings or weight gain-- hold off until phase II.

  • Spicy Baked Shrimp

  • Low Carb Spaghetti Squash Patties


    I haven't tried this one yet but it sounds good!
  • Salmon Patties


    I also like to grill veggies with a little olive oil and seasonings.
  • This is Super!
    Thanks for starting this thread...this is only day 2 for me, and
    I am doing well...I am surprised I am not hungry!

    Anyway...I love Mexican food...so I made a cheese omelet..I put some chopped onions in it..just a sprinkle, and also Rot-telli tomatoes with Jalapenos...Also had a 6oz. of v-8 to drink with it.
    It was delish...

    Tomorrow I am thinking of Meatza pie! like pizza, without the crust. The bottom layer is ground chuck smooshed down in a pizza pan, ever so thin...and add your toppings, and sauce...it is good to me. lol

    So what else have you all been cooking...

    Thanks for all the geat tips!

  • Tonights dinner
    was porkchops...cooked with cream of mushroom soup, onions and green peppers-(does c.of mushroom have carbs, if so oops!!! ), and a bell pepper filled with onion and chive cream cheese-(I mistaken bought it thinking it was a dip for dd, but thank goodness it's cream cheese and only 2 carbs).