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  • Diet coke
    I cant spell but the bad in Diet coke is the aspertaine. It has been shown to cause memory lapse. I could see that in myself and it was hard to concentrate. Now 10 months later I feel like I am better at those things. there were times when I would be telling someone something and forget right in the middle of a sentence, or I would repeat the same thing twice or three times to someone. Now I am not saying that those things werent caused by being simply stupid but since I quite drinking it I feel better. Now I didnt say anything about being able to spell or type any better.
  • Chromium Picolate
    I should read before I finished my last post.
    To the sister who posted about taking chromium Picolate. I didnt know that would help with weight loss. Does it? I used to take to help with energy. have you found it helps you with energy? What do yu know about weight loss and using it.
    thanks for info.
  • Welcome Sally to Family Corner. Wow someone else from the great state of Idaho.

    I have cut down on my coffee to one cup a day. boy that was way hard. And I only drink soda made with splenda. I think the brands are Diet Rite and Shasta Diet. Soda was really hard to give up.

    Way to go on the 18 lb. I feel any weight lose is better then a gain. I have lost 48lb. since Jan. and feel great. More energy then I ever had. I am on a platue(SP?) right now and am not loosing anything. Driving me nuts. But it will pass.
  • challenage
    Challenage- between now and Halloween which is only 2 weeks away how about we challenage each other to a loss of 3 lbs. that is not alot but it will keep us from gaining 10 with all the sweet around.
    I am not a great exerciser but I think I will start walking and head back to the grazing salad bar. BUT dont forget the protien. what do ya say?
    Oh- where is Homedale?
    love ya and good luck
  • I accept!

    Sounds good to me!

  • Your on Sally. 3lb. by Halloween. Sounds great to me. Homedale is about 26 miles S.W. of Boise. About 16 miles from Caldwell/ Nampa area. Little town of 2586 people. Love it here. We are building a house here. DH goes to school over in Boise at BSU. Go Broncos!
  • Hi Sally, I think I was the one who wrote about taking Chromium Picolinate ( I spelled it wrong when I first mentioned it). When I first started this WOL, I was looking into what kinds of vitamins and minerals that would help in the process.....I came across some info. on Chromium Picolinate on a vitamin website---but I cant say which one because I didnt save it.

    I have a very low metabolism and this product peaked my interest because it claims to: " Chromium works to support your body's use of sugar and also plays a role in the metabolism of proteins and fats"

    I cant say whether it really works or not due to the fact that I followed the Atkins plan strictly at the same time. I stopped taking it for a while but have since started taking it again, hoping that I, too, will get off of my plateau. I cant complain though because the last couple of weeks have been filled with stress eating.

    I am determined to get myself out of this rut, stop the self-pity party and get back on track. I can see what a difference it really makes by NOT eating white flour, processed foods and SUGAR!
    Believe me, I felt so much better by sticking to completely low-carb food.

    Are you still taking Chromium?
  • Ajrsmom
    I stopped taking it only because I forget. When I do take it it takes only about 24 hours and I can feel the effects. More enery and not so sleepy. If I take it in the morning it doesnt bother me at night. I have trouble sleeping through the night. I wish I would just get up and stay up but I will wonder around for an hour or so or just toss and turn then finally fall asleep again. This is only when I take it. I also take a B-12 for the ballbaby blues taht I get. I have no reason to be sad I just get that way. then I get lazy.
    To leave the sugar out of my diet is the hardest thing I go through. Something about it. but I have noticed the last couple of times that I have binged on surgar I get a bladder infection that last for about 3 days. I wish that on no one.

    by the way it is so nice to have someone to talk to and discuss thing with. I have a very loving husband and 4 GREAT daughters but sometimes you just need to have a outside person.

    Oh for you low carbies: Try Salsa on your salad instead of dressing. Check the difference in calories and carbs with your favorite dressing.

    Have a great day and talk later
    love ya all!
  • I LOVE salsa on my salad - and on any kind of meat, too! It helps calm my cravings for chips 'n salsa.
  • Sally, I agree with you that no matter how supportive my DH is, it doesnt compare to the wonderful "woman talk" that I share here with these ladies. They are great!!!

    Im back today!! No more cheating!! I've started out my day with a cup of hot tea. I wont get to have breakfast for a couple of hours because I have to run somewhere with my sister in just a few minutes. Ill probably grab a small piece of cheese to hold me over. Im not an early morning breakfast person anyway.

    Wish me luck as I head back into the stict lane again, LOL!!

    BTW, I love salsa on my salads too!!!

    Have a great day everyone!!