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  • Ajrsmom, I baked it at 375 for around 30 mins,I just kept checking. My husband said maybe the last few minutes it could go on broil to crisp them alittle more. But neither one of us has had Rutabaga before and we both loved this. Yes I did use LC Ketchup. Salt, Pepper and Garlic. Yummy.

    Don't tell but my teenage boys tried them and they didn't even know. all I did was tell them I made homemade fries and they bought it. hahaha

  • Thanks for the recipe! I cant wait to try these!

    I jumped on the scale this morning said 229!! That means Im down some!!! But.....after today( ate lots of acceptable carbs but still, way too many), we'll see where Im at tomorrow.

    Looks like quite a few of us have gone astray just a bit. That's ok, lets hold hands and pull each other back on track!!

    Im waiting for TOM and I cant stop eating!! Im soooo hungry. Classic example of bad carbs triggering cravings!

  • Yup, I fell off of the low carb wagon! But, I am being a lot more careful about what I eat. I have been trying not to eat ANY sugar or white flour... doing ok so far, but not fabulous. If I make a pasta dish for the family I eat mostly everything else but still a couple of noodles, if I can see it, I can't say no! But all diet soda, no regular, and I bought some blue bunny low carb ice cream (mint chocolate chunk) and it is really good!

    So today
    Breakfast- Low carb strawberry yogurt...YUCK! Don't bother! Does not taste ANYTHING like yogurt and made my tummy feel gross! So, I had a handfull of animal crackers at work to soothe my stomach (that's all they had, ok?)
    Lunch- ham and cheese sandwich with only a few bites of the bread, plus it is whole grain, so not so awful. And a few pickle slices.
    Dinner-Pork chops, seasoned, no sauce, and fried green tomatoes with the breading peeled off, not the same, but helped with the craving for all things batter dipped and fried.
    Snack- A bowl of ice cream YUMMY! Blue Bunny low carb tastes really good, AND has a decent texture, unlike some that i have tried!

    Oh, plus a Diet Lime Coke and about 40 oz of water... it was a really busy day so I did not keep up with the water, better luck tomorrow hopefully.
  • Tashablueyes, was it the Atkins yogurt?
    it tastes like plastic to me. Dannon makes a really good low carb yogurt.

    I was wondering, anyone tried Soy Grits yet? I think I might order some...
  • Grits sound really good right about now I cant have the soy grits because of my thyroid problem.

    Tashablueyes, I love Blue Bunny LC ice cream!! Too much, lol!!!
  • Well, I'll be . . .

    Amazing! I was dreading the scales this a.m. for my weekly check-in and I couldn't believe my eyes. That scale said 200 right on the nose. I got off, went to get my glasses, turned on an even brighter light, and it said 200 again! Then I had my husband come in and read the scales and he saw the 200 also!

    Maybe I didn't do as much damage from too many carb this past week after all, but I do need to more seriously chart what I am consuming.

    I am purposely trying to take off just a pound a week, and it is very slow going but seems to work for me.

    BTW, that baked potato I ate last night? Man alive, did I ever feel sluggish and tired last night! Fell asleep in the recliner within 45 minutes of finishing dinner. That's not good!

    Breakfast this morning was something my husband refers to as "pemican", a mixture that was a staple in the American Indian diets several hundred years ago. He calls it that because he says it is made with sticks and twigs and so on. What it is actually is my 1/4 cup of All Bran mixed with a container of l c yogurt. All told, it fills me up, and I don't snack in between breakfast and lunch. Doesn't make me feel sluggish either, and only has 15 carbs all told. My dh says he would rather do without than have to eat that. LOL

    Well, my long-standing goal was/is to be under 200 lbs. by the time my dad arrives this coming Sunday so the plan is to work real hard to make sure I am under, even if it is only a pound or two. That way, I can say, "I am under 200 now!"

    Sandie Mc
  • Congrats to you!!!
    Wow, 200 lbs...gosh when was I ever that??? I don't remember...looks like you're meeting your goals.

    But we have to watch the amount of carbs because we may not gain but it will slow down the progress...

    Oh, by the way...I had a dream about Atkins cornbread muffins...bad muffins, bad muffins!!!
  • Way to go Sandie.

    Patrice to funny, maybe I shouldn't buy the corn bread mix. I sure don't want to dream about muffins.

    Well I need to start remembering our goal. I had some FRENCH FRIES yesterday. I feel awful. I am tired and sluggish this morning.

    I buy the dannon yogurt. It is not bad, not like the Atkins yogurt. But i must say it doesn't taste like regular yogurt at all to me.

    Back on the wagon for me.

    35 pounds by December 24th
  • Blue Bunny Yogurt and another ?
    The only low carb yogurt I have found that is acceptable is perhaps a regional brand but worth looking for no matter where you live.

    It's Blue Bunny Carb Freedom and only has 5 carbs per 6 oz. serving. Only 3 grams of fat, too.

    It's sweetened with Splenda, which until you get used to it, gives more "sweet" flavor than I care for but when mixed into my "pemican" is totally acceptable.

    I live in southwest Missouri (rural area) and the price yesterday when I purchased it was 59 cents per container. Normally, it is 65 cents. I only buy four containers a week so it is affordable but I would question the expense if I planned on using it every day.

    Question: Are we allowed to eat cooked dried beans? My dh is hankering for some ham and beans and cornbread, and while this isn't a favorite of mine, I am wondering if I can have the beans as a side dish and if so, how much? Thanks for any info. (Too rushed today to go look it up. )

    Sandie Mc
  • It depends on which diet you're following
    There's different low carb diets...with Atkins, no. With South Beach, I think yes...not sure. There's lots of different ones that people follow, so look up the one you follow.