States That Offer Tax Free Week or Tax Free Weekends

  • Those who live in or near states that offer a tax free week (or weekend) can save considerably by planning their annual back-to-school shopping and large purchases around those dates. Click the name of your state below to find out when the tax-free shopping days are scheduled, and which items will qualify for the savings.

    States That Offer Tax Free Week or Tax Free Weekends:

    New Mexico
    New York
    North Carolina
    South Carolina
    Washington D.C.

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  • Cool list! Not in my state, but I'm sure some people here will get to save!
  • I do live in one of the states on the list and the tax-free weekend is this weekend.
    In the past I have taken advantage of the weekend, but it depends on how it fits into my schedule. Since I only live 40 mi. from the MN border (no tax on clothing in MN everyday) and I shop in some MN stores regularly, the tax-free weekend really isn't that big of a deal.
    There are things that do not qualify(at least in the past) as tax-free items such as clothing that is considered as sport equipment(certain types of shoes).
    I really wish school supplies would be included in the tax-free, but they aren't.
  • They are gearing up around here in NC for the big event.

    I'm happy to say that I am finished with my son's stuff except for some undies and socks and a few school supplies - which I'm going to try to pick up this weekend.

    I have over 1/2 over my DD's shopping done, too. She doesn't have a school supply list yet, just a backpack and we've already bought it.

    I've never really bought that much during the tax free weekend.
  • Starts today in many areas!

    Good Luck out there... it could be dangerous with all of those crazy shoppers!!
  • NH doesn't have sales tax but Maine does and it wasn't on the list! Glad others will get the savings though.