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  • It is confusing . . . That the plains states are considered midwest while I consider it futher west of here and all east of the Mississippi either Yankee land ( north of the Virginias ) or the South. The Southwest NM and all border states west to California.But I may only be kinda biased about my state and area ...
  • Midwest?
    I've always been told that Indiana is a Midwest State so I guess I'll visit in here. I don't know if I can be of any help with information but I will try. I live in a small town about 45 minutes from Fort Wayne. Have lived in this area all my life except when dh was in the service.
  • So is Texas Midwest?
    Ok I feel like a Texas considered mid-west. We think of ourselves as "southerners" but noone else really does I guess. I live in the Panhandle of Texas in a small, farming community. I love it here. We have raised our family in this small town and now we are working on our house. I love the landscape, flat with few trees, where you can see for 40 miles in any direction. It's cold in the winter and hot, hot in the summer. Wouldn't it be cool to have a get together at some point? I'm probably in the wrong place here..........oh well.... .
  • As far as I know the midwest is west of the Mississippi River ( but IL, ID, and OH are included ) to the Rockies so you are welcome. Even if it isn't the midwest, welcome anyway! We can talk food, books, sites, and whatever else. I like to spelunk so where are some good places besides Marvel and Carlsbad? ( spelunkers are people who like to search caves... )
    If you you like:
    brown beans, ham, and cornbread
    fried okra
    You are probably a midwesterner at heart ! :p

    P.S. Where is a good place to score some good antiques and junque ( fancy word for junk ) ?
  • I have noticed that people all have their own ideas about what states make up the midwest. I live in the state capital of Iowa now but was raised in southern Ill until I was 15. So I guess I am a full fledged midwestener. lol

    we have a lot of realtives who live in Texas. Dalas, san antonia, Lake Jackson, Huston, Amarillo, Austin, I can't remember the other 2. I have never been there but hope to get there soon. I don't think any of them would be happy to be called a midwestener though they are completely Texasn which is nothing like any other region in the world (according to them) lol hahaha

    If you are looking for anitques and a fun place to spend the day in Iowa. Come to Des Moines and visit the Valley Junction section of town. There are many antique and specialtiy shops. It is a fun place because there is such a varity of things to see. They took the old downtown of West Des Moines and brought it back to life a few years ago. It has lived through 3 bad (hundred year) floods in the last 10 years but it has a lot of life to share. They even have special activities on some Sundays and on Thursday night. A real fun place to go. There are also several other places here in DM to go antiqueing. and junking
  • Midwest
    I think its a hoot that all of us from the "Midwest" aren't sure if we are considered "Midwest". LOL Indiana isn't anywhere close to middle or west. I guess we are most famous for the Indianapolis 500 to which I've never been. Glenbrook Mall in Fort Wayne used to be the biggest years ago but I'm sure it's been outclassed by now.
  • Hi, I live in southeast Iowa. The corner we are about 2 hours from Illinois and 2 hours from Missouri. Don't you love this Midwest weeather. I have lived in the midwest most of my life. I have an 8 year old daughter, and have been married almost 22 years. We do a lot of gardening. I love to do all sorts of crafts, one I haven't mastered yet is knitting. Can't seem to get the hang of it. Love to read, also. I am a stay at home mom that babysits my three nephews. I think this forum will be fun. It is always nice to meet new people. Dawn
  • Hello
    Well, I know I'm in the Midwest. Smack dab in the middle. SW Missouri, 5 miles from Kansas, 20 miles from Oklahoma, 35 miles from Arkansas.

    I'm fairly new here. I've been married 16 yrs. Have 15yr DD, 10yr DS, & 4yr DS. I love to sing, and to cross-stitch (no time for that right now, though).

    We have some great discount grocery stores here, saves me a ton.
  • sparklemom and ddawnh
    Yup, you are definately from the midwest. Do any of you play Eucker? Its a card game that we taught to a lot of ppl when we were in the service because no one outside the midwest had ever heard of it.
  • No I have never heard of Eucker. How do you play it? I love card games.

    Does anyone have any great summer plans? What is a favorite thing to do around you home area? Any good craft shops?