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  • Maureen
    Wow, you get to go see Harry Potter. I can hardly wait until it comes around here. Going to the Premier in London would be way to exciting for me. I'd be spending all the time in the bathroom or I'd be wearing a depends. lol Gonna take the whole family to see it when it comes to our area. That'll be the oldest grandson's birthday present from us. He always wants to take his family, his Aunt and Uncle and of course Grandma and Grandpa. Maybe he includes us because we are paying the bill. lol naugh He's a little sweetie and has his grandma wrapped around his little finger. His b-day is later on this month. He was born on my daughters 25th birthday. He is still a little leary about sharing his birthday with his Aunt, tho.

    One year for their birthdays we took everyone to see a Hockey Game. He still talks about that but for the past two years has wanted to see Harry Potter instead. The other grandkids still want stuff they can unwrap and that's ok.

    It has been real nippy here and we had snow before the end of October. I keep hearing we are in for a bad winter and I believe it. Actually the cold kills a lot of germs and we haven't had a bad winter for a long time. We are due one. Need to kill some germs. Yeah, that'll convince me. I'll try to remember that when I'm slipping and sliding on my way out to the truck.

    When you get your first article published if I can't get a copy of it here in the states maybe you could scan it on your computer and let me know and I'll send you my email address so I can read it. Or if you can't scan it maybe you'd consider snail mailing it to me? It would tickle me pink if you'd allow me to read it.

    Gotta go finish up doing the dishes. Take care of yourself. Hugs......
  • Linda
    When does Harry Potter come out there? It should be soon if not the same as here. The premiere in London this weekend is invitation only for celebrities and the cast and crew from the movie. A lot of people will go and stand outside for hours just to catch a glimpse of the stars!! We love the story and the movie and the cast but not that much! LOL Hmmm. Maybe if we were guaranteed a view close, I think we'll settle for a regular trip to the cinema.

    That's a perfect birthday present for your grandson. How old will he be? Did he see the first HP movie?

    It's a shame your fall is turning into winter so soon. The cold probably does kill some bugs but if the cold weather starts early it's going to be a long winter. Unless you get an early spring!!

    Thank you for your faith in me. I love the way you say "when" not "if" I get an article published! Good psychology, Linda! I'm thrilled and flattered that you would like to read my work. We will see when it happens and then go from there. I would be honored to provide you with a copy.

    Take care. Hope you are feeling better.
  • Maureen
    Tyler, the oldest, will be 10. I haven't seen Harry Potter advertised around here yet. New movies usually hit the coasts first and then start traveling inland. Like most everything. The good things take longer to get here but good things are worth waiting for. It also makes the bad things take longer and that's ok, too.

    Yes, his present last year from us was the first Harry Potter movie. Then his parents got him the video when it came out so we are all watching it over and over getting ready for the next one. By the time we get there, we'll have the old one memorized. lol

    You, silly, of course you'll get published. Maybe not today and maybe not tomorrow but you will some day. I just know it.

    Yes, I'm feeling better. Spending a heck of a lot of time in the bathroom but think between all the cranberry juice and water that I've got it on the run.

    Hubby got asked to work tomorrow so he's gonna drop me off at the office and I'm gonna play catch up stuff. On Saturdays I do not answer the phone and I keep the doors locked. I'm there doing what I want to do, not what someone else wants me to do.

    Well, its 8 pm. Time for me to take my medicine and get settled down for the night. Real young people and real old people seem to nod off about the same time. But look out because we also wake early and we are rip roaring and ready to go. Well, at least for an hour or so. Catch ya later. Take care of yourself. Hugs. Linda
  • Hi Linda,

    I'm so happy to hear you are feeling better!

    I just read a cute joke:

    A detachment of paratroopers were practicing in a rurual area. One jumper was dropping down on the property of an old mountain man and his very large family.
    One of the kids saw the chute floating down and yelled out to his father, "Pa, bring your shotgun. The stork is bringing 'em full grown now!"

    Take care. Hugs
  • Maureen
    I really really liked that joke. I laughed so loud I woke hubby from his nap taking. I wish I had one to send back to you.

    Well, went and put in my time at the office today. But around 1, 2 of the grandkids came and stayed with me while the parents went to get a couple of new tires. Wanna talk about a wonderful surprise?

    They are all coming out for lunch tomorrow. I've got a big ham to cook and some scalloped potatoes, some veggies and I got a pumpkin cheesecake for dessert. I bought it already made. I cheat a lot. lol I'll bake some brownies for the ones that'll turn up their noses to pumpkin or cheesecake.

    My poor hubby has to go back to work tonight at midnight because that's the only time they can shut the power down so he can do a job that has to be done. He's trying to get a little rest now so he wasn't too happy with my laughter. He went right back to sleep. I'll be very very quiet.......

  • Oh Sunshine that was a prize story! I even laughed out loud and I seldom do that. Being from the Ozark area I can just picture the scene. hehe

    Linda do you have room for a couple more? Your meal sounds so good. It will be so nice to have your family there all together and share the good food. I love pumpkin cheese cake.

    You know how I am interested in the rein faires. My daughter who lives here with us, has met a fella that does them all the time. He does ingraving and leather work. Tonight he was showing me some of the things he has done and talking about the different kinds of fairs he works. He just moved here from Indiana. Said he really likes doing the 1870's or just earlier than that. He was very interesting to talk to.

    We talked about him needing someone to sew costumes for him. He knows a lot about fabric and the costumes. Dd had asked me the other day if I would make her an outfit and possibly one for dgd. I have thought for a long time that it would be fun to work on some of those dresses. I told her if she would get my sewing machine back up here where I can use it again I would see what I could do.

    My machine got put down in the storage room when my other dd and dh thought we were going to move right away and got a head start on packing. Only they started with the things I use every day - then when dd#2 moved in her thngs got piled in there on top of my things and I can't get to anything. It's amazing how many things are more mportant than doing something about taking care of her things so I can get to mine.

    Oh by the way I went and looked at the pictures the other day. You and your husband make quite a part. I was fun to see the faces of the people who we talk to.

  • Stitcher45
    Yeah, me and hubby are quite a pair of nuts. I'm nuttier than he is but at least he's a good sport about it most of the time.

    Sure, come on over. The food will be good but the house will be a wreck. I always seem to have something better to do than clean house. lol I like to think of it as having a lived in look. One of these days, in my dreams, I just bulldoze this place and put up a brand new one. I figure it'll take me at least 10 years to make it look this bad. By that time, I'll be in a nursing home, around the bend, so who will care?

    If you can sew the outfits worn to ren faires, I may stop by for a fitting sometime. The outfits are expensive to put it mildly. But they are layer upon layer of articles of clothing. I bet it was really interesting talking to the gentleman that does engraving. He may be involved in Rendevous, too, from the time period he was talking about. I enjoy those, too, but my favorite is ren faires.

    I love the photo thread. It's great putting a face with a name. I need to get darling daughter to put another head shot of me minus the chainmaille. From the chainmaille covering all my wrinkles, I look good.

    Gotta get to cooking. Take care. Hugs, Linda
  • Guy Fawkes/Bonfire NIght
    Hello Ladies,

    Last night was Bonfire Night or Guy Fawkes. It's celebrated every year on November 5th to commemorate the discovery of a plot to blow up the King (James 1) and his parliament on Nov. 5, 1605. Guy Fawkes and seven others were captured and executed. To celebrate there are big bonfires with the burning of "guys" (effigies) and fireworks.

    All up and down the country, there are big firework displays. The town I live in has a big display and this year it was on Sunday, Nov. 3rd. They burn a guy on a huge bonfire too. It's a rather bizarre custom I think, in fact, I think that's positively macabre!

    Fireworks are sold everywhere here so a lot of people do their own shows in their backyards. It gets pretty noisy at this time of year as you can imagine. They start a few weeks before Nov. 5th and unfortunately it will continue for a few weeks after as well. I can't wait for some peaceful evenings.

    I like fireworks but not all the time! Also, I guess I'm a spoiled American because I prefer fireworks in the summer.

    The bonfires are a nuisance as well and not exactly healthy. There can be a lot of smoke from all the bonfires people have in their backyards. Some years, it's so bad that people with asthma and breathing problems have to stay indoors.

    It's raining hard today so thankfully, there won't be any bonfires. Wow! I'm happy because it's raining!

    It's still very mild here. Temps in upper 50s everyday. We don't need the heat on and we don't need to wear hats and gloves yet.

    Bye for now. Take care.
  • Guy Fawkes
    That sounds familiar. Don't tell me I learned about it in school and I actually remember it. Naugh, can't be. I can't even remember what I had for lunch yesterday, let alone pre 1964.

    Its really chilly here. We are wearing our winter coats and I snuggle under blankets in the evening while I'm here on the puter. The past couple of days it's been raining here and my sinuses are all messed up.

    I had to laugh when you were happy with the rain. I understand not wanting to put up with the fireworks and bonfires. They get old real fast. I don't understand all the facination with fireworks. Haven't gone to a display for years.

    I guess we are going to go see Harry Potter, or at least try to, on the 17th. My grandson is so excited that he can't hardly stand himself.

    Well half the week is gone, only 2 more days of work. Whoopie. I think I need a few days off. It's starting to get boring. lol

  • We had light frost and rain last week and it is 75F today. I went and picked up the portrait package we had taken of Sean ( I posted one back on the 'Photos of our members' thread ) just before my B-day. Talk about a pure ham.
    Ladyinmaille - re-name your picture and you can post it again in another thread . . .
    Sunshine - Sounds like "Adventures of a Yankee in Merry Ole England" set of short stories . . . just a thought . . .
    stitcher45 - Sounds like you need to teach some people how to pack . . . stored goodies first . . . everyday goodies LAST . . . I made a ST costume one time. It took me 5 tries before I got one of the sleeves sewn on without it being wrong side out . . .
    My heart sister Debbie is into ren faires and is a member of a club. I want to go to Muskogee when they have the ren faire there at the Castle in Muskogee; it is held over 2 or 3 weekends.

    Ladies !