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  • Happy Halloween
    I was going to send you a picture of me and the girls at the office taken today but was told I'd already posted it at the Photos of our members thread and couldn't send it again. Rats. Wanted to wish you a happy halloween with the pic. If I would have know I couldn't send it twice, I'd have sent it here.

    I just read through your post and I am so happy for you. It's like you are seeing the world in a whole new perspective. I can't help it. I've got goosebumps. I can't help but think something wonderful will come from this. You just have a way of putting things into words that makes me feel like I'm there with you. It's wonderful.

    I've gotta make this short and reboot because I've been printing a lot of pictures tonight. Will write more later. Hugs. Linda
  • Your photos!

    I searched the forum and found your photos! Lovely! it's great to see you and your hubby (wearing "normal clothes", I see! LOL) and a photo of you and your daughter and daughter in law with others in your office. Wow! You ladies sure look like a happy bunch! I love the costumes. And I got to see your mukluks!! How fantastic to be able to see you.

    I wish we had a digital camera. It's great to be able to match names on this wonderful forum to faces. I feel like we have all become one big cyber family.

    I've surprised myself with the intensity of all this writing business. I seem to have struck a real nerve in myself. I've always planned to sit and write but now I'm finally doing it and I can't figure out why I didn't start years ago. I guess now is just the right time for me.

    We didn't have a single trick-or-treater tonight! Gavin was disappointed until Stuart reminded him that we have all that candy!

    Bye for now. Hugs.
  • Sunshine
    aha, wouldn't let me send that one but here's my grandkids. arent they wonderful?


  • HI everyone!
    I've been gone for a long time so you may not remember me but hopefully you will et me come back and gab with you.

    Ladyinmaile - those is sure a cute kids. IT is so nice to see kids dress in costumes that took some though and not those mass produced ones so many buy for their kids. My xsil bought my grandaughter one of those that is so cheap looking and was falling apart after she wore it for an hour. She had wanted to be a tea pot to start with and then he bought her this and she loved it because it had wings and a tiara.

    How do I go to where your other pictures are? I feel completely lost in here. Guess I have been away too long. Hopefuly I will be able to relearn my way around quickly.

    Hope all of you had a fun Halloween. Since my gd is sick we didn't do anything - didn't even hand out candy. I didn't want the cold air comeing in on her. She cried so hard when we decided she shouldn't go trick or treating.

  • Go ahead and jump right in stitcher45 don't think this is a private conversation even though it seams that the 3 of us are always here; well not always but quite often and then we tend to talk everyone's ears off but since all 3 of my bunch is sick ( Sean is about well ) I can't talk without coughing so I am having to whisper but had a fun time last night. ( If you think I'm this 'talkative' get me in person - I'll talk your ears off ! Any subject and as you can see just about any hour ! ) Don't trick or treat much except to houses at my Dad's neighborhood of the people who watched ME grow up then went to the mall. Some churches have fall festivals or Neewolloh parties or one had a trunk or treet where they had their cars in the parking lot and kids went from trunk to trunk ! Sean was Thomas the Tank Engine, Now I have to get his B-day cake for the party this evening. I can't believe he's 2 ! Yeah, I'll post pictures when I get them developed !
    Sunshine, good for you !
    Ladyinmaille, almost didn't recognize you in modern clothes ! Neat and cute kiddos ...
  • ladyinmaille

    Wow! They are gorgeous! I love their big, happy grins! Thank you for sharing the photo with us.
  • Stitcher45
    Hi Sandy,

    Welcome back to the Regional Midwest Forum! We missed you! Come on in and join the gang. The more the merrier!

    You asked how to find the other photos of Linda. Well, when you start on the first page with the list of all the forums, there is one called, ABOUT YOU. Click on that forum and look for the thread called, "Photos of our members" and there you are!! There are lots and lots of lovely photos of our "Cyber family" and you will find the gorgeous photos of Linda (ladyinmaille) with her hubby and another one on a later page with her daughter and daughter in law with some other ladies in their office.

    Looking forward to hearing from you again.


    P.S. I hope your granddaughter feels better soon.
  • BLTN_Mom
    Hi Cheryl,

    I'm glad your son, Sean, is starting to feel better but sad to hear that the rest of you aren't feeling well now.

    You said Sean is 2 now. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEAN!

    Take care and I hope you all feel better real soon.
  • Wow this is wonderful
    I went to sleep last night and when I woke up this morn there were all kind of messages on here. What a wonderful surprise.

    Happy Birthday Sean I saw his picture on the other forum and he is a cutie. Hope you get to feeling better soon. I've had a bladder infection I've been fighting. Lots of water and cranberry juice. Don't want to go to the Dr. They always want you to pee in a cup. I hate that. If they want that stuff, why don't they put a little cup that hooks to the seat? Like those cat litter pans they put on toilets. My Dr. wants me to start, then stop, put the cup there and proceed. I'm an old lady. It's not so easy to stop it.

    Stitcher45, welcome back. Missed you. Sorry your granddaughter didn't get to go trick or treating. That had to be very disappointing for her. We really didn't have that many this year. Mostly kids of families that we know. More and more places are having wonderful parties for the kids instead.

    Hubby says its time to go to work. Rats.

    Hugs, Linda

    P.S. thanks for the kind words about the grandkids. I just love them to pieces. They are all such good kids. And they all are mine, mine, mine.
  • Ladyinmaille
    Hi Linda,

    I'm sorry you're not feeling too well. I get the same problem and I do the same as you do. I drink lots and lots of water so I don't have to go see the doctor. I've been lucky because the last two times I could feel the UTI starting, I drank gallons of water and it did the trick! (I don't like cranberry juice). i laughed about your idea for giving a urine specimen!! Those cups are ridiculous aren't they? And expecting us to stop once we started? Yeah, right!

    I just ordered tickets by phone to see the new Harry Potter movie. There is an advanced showing for the weekend of the 9th and 10th of November and I got tickets for us to see it on Saturday, Nov. 9th at 2:05. I'm so pleased about that. I won't tell the boys until we are actually going there. I want to surprise them. The big premiere is this weekend in London with all the stars from the movie and celebrity guests. Wouldn't it be exciting to be there?

    It's still very mild here. I can't believe it's November 1st. It rained during the night and it's still quite dark and gloomy. I think it will rain again very soon. But at least it's not cold!!

    Hope you feel better soon, Linda. Hugs to you