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  • We're here for you

    I agree with everything Linda (ladyinmaille) and Cheryl (BLTN Mom) so eloquently expressed.

    I feel so badly for you. I'm sad to hear that you are hurting and depressed. The stress you are under is considerable and proves how strong you are because you are coping.

    Has your daughter had her severe pain diagnosed yet? What a worry that must be. What about her knee surgery? Has that been postponed until the pain in her side is diagnosed and treated? Once she gets all her medical problems sorted, then she will be able to devote all her attention to her nurses training and you will be able to concentrate on yourself more.

    What a heartbreaking decision that must have been to sign your granddaughter over to the state for treatment she needs. I applaud you for making such a tough decision. You must know it was right for your granddaughter and you were doing the best thing you could do under such circumstances. Your grd. will benefit from professional counselling and will be grateful to you over the course of time.

    Again, I'm so very sorry to hear about all the stressful events in your life right now. I hope that our friendship and support here will offer some comfort to you. We really do care.

  • You ladies of the MIdwest are the best!
    To Cheryl, Sandy, and Linda,

    This is a message of thanks for your friendship. I'm overwhemlmed by your kind words about missing me and flattered that you seem to think you need me to keep this thread going. I don't deserve such praise. You ladies underestimate yourselves!!

    Linda: I'm so sorry to hear about your exhaustion, stress and cramps. How awful for you. I hope the increased dosages of muscle relaxants and prozac will help you feel better soon. Is your arm less painful now after that pneumonia shot? Have you had the fasting blood test yet? I hope you feel better very soon. I'm thrilled to hear that both your son and son-in-law have found jobs. That's wonderful news! I felt the happiness bouncing from your words! I love your attitude toward life. You always see the bright side to everything.

    You were so right about my "mixed emotions" about getting back and also about not wanting to post if there isn't any happiness to share. I felt depressed and even more homesick as soon as we got back to England but I sure feel ashamed after reading your post and Sandy's. You ladies have REAL stress and health problems to deal with. Thanks for putting everything into perspective for me.

    Our trip home was quiet and uneventful hence my short posting upon my return. We spent most of the time visiting family and friends. We also went shopping and ate out A LOT. I gained 4 pounds! The boys got spoiled rotten by all the relatives. They had a fun day out fishing which they loved and they also went bowling and to movies.

    The highlight of the trip for my hubby and the boys was a day at a small airport where a family friend, George, keeps his small (2 seater!) airplane. It was a bright, sunny day-perfect flying weather. My hubby went for a ride first (the boys voted he should go first and they would decide if they wanted to after they saw his face when he got down! LOL) and he LOVED it! The plane has dual controls so he got a turn at flying and now he has decided he wants to get his pilots licence!

    The boys were next. My youngest, Gavin, was a bit afraid so he made sure his older brother went next. Stuart climbed into the ****pit with a big grin and off they went. When they landed, Stuart was looking very happy and proud of himself. Apparently, George let him take the controls for a short time too! Wow! I was impressed. We all were. Stuart also decided he wants to take flying lessons!

    Gavin was next. He looked a bit apprehensive and I wondered if he might change his mind but he bravely climbed into the ****pit nest to George. He looked excited and worried at the same time. They took off and I paced back and forth nervously. I just hoped he would enjoy himself. As soon as they landed, I knew I shouldn't have been worried. He had the biggest ear splittling grin on his face and quickly announced that he too had taken the controls of the airplane! Wow! I'm so pleased he was brave enough to go.

    I loved watching each of them take their turn but no I did not take a turn myself! I have a phobia about heights and find it hard enough to get into a big jet to fly there and back let alone climb into a small airplane. I politely declined that offer!

    Anyway, I hope the description of that exciting day makes up for the fact that I initially wrote such a short post about our trip. It's difficult to make visiting with family sound exciting. We did have a nice time though. Now it's back to reality and some serious dieting!

    Bye for now.
  • Flying lessons
    Sunshine, From your post about the flying lessons, I felt if I were there. If it would have been me and my kids I would have been white as a sheet and upchucking in the bushes. You are one brave lady what with being terrified of heights. I'm terrified of heights, too. I go all white and weak kneed. What a wonderful experience for your hubby and sons tho. The boys will be talking about that for some time I imagine. I can just see the other kids faces when they tell them that they got to take over the controls of a plane. The really cool thing is that you have managed not to pass on your fear of heights to them. They may sense it terrifies you but they see you do it. That is a great example for the boys to not let fear stop you if there is something you want to accomplish. Of course being afraid of heights we'd rather see them accomplish it on the ground.

    Oh, fudge, my puter is doing its weekly clean up. Gotta sign off for now. I'll get back on later and finish my chat. Take care.
  • I'm back hehehehehe
    My daughter has my puter set up to do it's weekly cleaning starting at 5:30 P.M. then she comes over at 6 P.M. to do whatever has to be done to maintain the puter. It's all greek to me. I just know enough to be a nusiance. All week I mess things up and then she comes in on Friday night and fixes it for me with very little "Mom, I wish you wouldn't do this, or I wish you wouldn't do that." lol She's a peach of a daughter and I am so blest she is my daughter.

    I am a very lucky woman. I love my children and I like my children. I think they are wonderful. Now words can't express my grandkids. They are the absolute best. My husband is my best friend. I have a puter to play on and to talk to people. I have my dogs and cats. Mercy, do I have cats. A few times a year I get to go to Ren Festivals. We live in a sleepy little town and at night when I open the deck door I can hear the crickets chirping. The weather has cooled down and it is wonderful to let the fresh air in. Once in a while I can still get on our Honda Aspencade and shut the whole world out. When we are on the motorcycle, its just hubby and me. We are in our own little world. The wonderful thing about a cycle is that you can see everything. You don't have anything getting in the way of your viewing pleasure.

    Guess what? I can now raise my arm above my head without pain. Way cool, huh? The nurse told me to relax my arm before she gave me the pnemonia shot and I just laughed at her. I couldn't relax anything with that needle coming at me. I am as terrified by needles as I am about heights. Yes, I am feeling less pain and sleeping better with the added medication. That really stinks, tho, to have to be medicated so much but that is my life now and I just have to accept it. I suppose I could just stop taking all that stuff and see what happened. Naugh, I'm not that brave.

    You ought to save your post about the boys and their airplane ride and give it to them when they grow up. I wish I had kept fun diaries for my kids to help trigger fond memories. Maybe I could start something like that for my grandkids. Whoa, I think I had an idea. I'd better write it down before I forget it again.

    OK, guess I'm about all talked out tonight. About time, huh? Everybody take care. Here is a gentle hug and a big smile from a little ol' lady.
  • thank you everyone
    I want to thank all of you for your encouragement and offers of help. I truely appreciate knowing that you are there if I need you. I probalbly will give you a long strung out story of what is going on in my life. It seems that everytime I think that things are about to settle down then another bunch of stressfull things come along.

    Sunshine the experience your boys had with the airplane must have been wonderful. I agree with Linda that you should do something to save the experience for them to remember later. Would make a great scrapbook page. Do you know about scrapbooking?

    Linda I am so glad that you are feeling better. I was worried about how bad you were doing there for awhile. Are there anymore Ren Feire left this year? It sounds like you have about the some weather as we are having. I love to listen to the crickets - one of my dd hates to hear them and I can't understand why.

    Well my daughter needs to use the puter so will come back later. Have much more to tell you

  • Flight Certificate

    Yes, that was a day to remember. Hubby was just as excited and thrilled about the experience as the boys were. They talked about it for days and days and I know it was the best day for them out of the two weeks there. Fortunatley, I brought my camera and took a picture of each of them sitting in the ****pit next to George. They looked so cool with their headphones on. Oh, and I just remembered a funny detail. I had to go into the hangar and look for some cushions to boost Gavin up (he's nearly 11 yrs old but small for his age) so he could see properly! Also, George did a really neat thing for the boys. He has official certificates that he filled out and signed for them to keep. They are titiled "Eagle Flight Certificate" and he filled in my sons names on one each. after the name, it reads: "has experienced the true adventure of flight, entitiling him/her to become a member of Eagle Flight. This name has been permanently placed in the "World's Largest Logbook" at the EAA Air Adventure Museum in Oshkosh, Wisconsin." The date and name of aircraft and location are filled in after that by George. He signed it at the bottom where it states Pilot's Signature and it was already signed by Chuck Yeager, Honorary Chairman. Cool, huh? That's not all. George told us to check the website after a week or so and their names would appear in the logbook on the site. (it takes a while to be processed and entered in the system) Anyway, we checked when we got back to England and they are on it! Needless, to say, the boys are thrilled.

    They couldn't wait to tell their friends when they went back to school. The nice thing is that they have proof with the photos, the certificates and the entry on the website. We are so grateful to my family friend, George. What a guy! A real friend, indeed!!

    Linda, I knew how much this meant to them and that they would probably enjoy it (or so I hoped!) so I made sure they didn't see how terrified I was for them. It helped that I trusted George. He's a very experienced pilot. I thought of another thing. He always goes through a c hecklist before he flies (as all pilots do) and he waited until we got there so he could go through the whole checklist with my hubby and the boys. He showed them every step he does.(checking the oil, checking the tires, checking the wing flaps are working, making sure the nuts and bolts are tight, etc.) A real lesson for them and I have to admit | was learning with them as well. He made me feel better about letting them go. I smiled even though I was worried. I did pace back and forth by the hangar but mostly I tried to focus on how much fun they were having. I got to chat with other pilots in the hangar as well so it was a fun day for me too! I'm glad I haven't passed on my fear to my sons. They tried to persuade me to go but didn't pressure me too much.
    I got to go. write later. Bye
  • Howdy
    Stitcher45, there is one more ren faire, next weekend around Dayton, Ohio, but because the son in law just got a new job, we won't be going. We have decided to go camping instead and relax around a campfire which is a very enjoyable thing for me to do, too. Then, the following week end is the Pioneer Festival which has all sorts of historic events going on. Again, history. Did I say I'm into genealogy, too?

    Oh Maureen, that was a wonderful treat for hubby and boys, wasn't it? And you have it well documented. I bet the boys will remember your friend for the rest of their lives. How exciting. Next year, if you are able to make the trip back, I'm sure the boys will want to go to the airport and see the planes and George. They will probably pester you until they get to go.

    I got an unexpected treat this weekend. My oldest grandson and 2nd oldest granddaughter got to stay with me because their mom was sick and couldn't have her weekend visit with them. Way cool for me. Did I ever mention how much I love my grandkids?

    Gotta go play now. Everybody take care. Gentle hugs all around.
  • Sandy,
    I've heard about scrapbooking but haven't tried it yet. The flying experience would probably be a good one to start with. Thanks for the idea.

    I'm glad that our replies have encouraged you and made you feel a little better. How is your daughter? I'm sure you will feel so much better yourself once she gets her medical problems sorted.


    I'm so pleased you are feeling better and sleeping better. How nice that you had your grandchildren with you this weekend. They are a real tonic for you, I bet. Better than any medicine! I enjoyed reading about you and your hubby on your motorcycle. Our neigbours went on a trip to Spain this summer on their motorcycle. They were away for 3 weeks and enjoyed every minute. I teased them about having to pack light. I always pack way too much for any trip!

    Everybody, take care. Bye for now.
  • It was a beautiful day today
    The weather today was just perfect. Not too hot, not too cold. It's 65 degrees right now and the deck door is open and I can hear the crickets. The sun was shinning. Just perfect. I hope this weather holds for this weekend. Gonna go camping. Gonna sit around a campfire and talk. Gonna read books. Gonna relax and not answer the phone. Gonna goof off. Where we are going camping is only about 10 miles from here so no long car ride. Gonna put up the hammock and swing and read and swing and read and then take a nap.

    Two of my kittens snuck in the house tonight when I was taking the food out. One is totally white, Snowball, and the other is black with calico markings, Taz. Hubby worked over tonight so he is too tired to catch them and throw them out. Tehehehe I'm worse than a little kid that just stole a cookie from the cookie jar.

    Had a ball with Tyler and Taylor over the weekend. They were no trouble at all. Yes, Maureen, they are better for me than all the medicine in the world.

    Here's hoping everybody else had a beautiful sunshinny day. Gentle hugs all round.
  • Hi girls! I've been readin' and enjoying your posts about having fun with friends and family. I haven't had any new news - Sean is growing like a weed, Allen is liking his new job, and I go over to my Dad's working around here helping out getting the house back into shape - and getting to use his computer - so I'm still lurking around here . . .