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  • It would be fun to be able for the both of us to go and suprise Sunshine. I am not too far from there but I know you would have a long drive.

    I hope you have a wonderful trip to the Ren Faire. How is you pain and all? Is it goning to effect your trip very much? Do you have a comfortable vehcile? Have Fun!!!!!

  • Stitcher45
    Oh that would be soooo much fun if we could surprise her.

    I'm having a lot of pain right now but I have one of those vibrating heating pads that I sit on in the truck and that helps. And the motel we are going to has a jacuzzi and that really helps. Plus, I'll be packing the wheelchair in case I can't walk. And most of my stress is coming from work and I'll have a 3 day weekend away from that so that will help.

    We have a truck but it is really comfortable to ride in. When dh wanted to trade in my buick for a new truck I told him ok as long as it was comfortable and big enough to carry all my grandkids. Well, it does both.

    We will be leaving tomorrow morn, its a 7 hour drive because we have to go around Chicago. Maybe if I lived in a bigger city all that traffic wouldn't scare me so much. I usually am in the backseat with our daughter driving around Chicago and I either read or shut my eyes so I don't see what's coming at us from 12 different directions. Then Saturday we will go to the ren faire, Saturday night I'll be in the jacuzzi, then we will get up Sunday morn and drive home.

    Anyway, gotta pack and get supper and do dishes and feed the cats (have a gazillion outside cats). Gotta hush up and get busy. Will be going to Bristol but will be thinking about Sunshine, Stitcher45 and the Minnesota Ren Festival.
  • Well, I'm back in England and getting back to a "routine". We had a wonderful time in Minnesota. we were very busy visiting family and friends so didn't have time to do everything. Sadly, we didn't have time to go to the Ren Fair. We did go to the Minnesota State Fair though and had a really great day there. I wish we would have had more time because two weeks just whizzed by so fast.

    Linda and Sandy,
    Thanks for thinking of me while I've been away. I'm really touched by your kind words and good wishes. Linda, I hope you are feeling better since the last time you posted. Did you have a good day at the Ren Fair in Wisconsin? I hope you did.

    Bye for now.
  • Hello Sunshine !
    Well ?
    How did your visit go?


    Linda nad I didn't even talk much while you were gone. see how important you are to this thread? When you are not here we fall apart!!!!!

    Yes I bet that 2 weeks is just enough time to get settle and ready to visit, see and do all that you wanted to while you were there. Glad that what time you did get spend home (in the USA ) was good and that you enjoyed yourselves. How are the boys? Did they enjoy the trip?

    Can't wait to hear all the details. ;-)

    Hey Linda where you been - oh I know you can ask me the same question right???;-)

    May God touch you in a special way today.
  • Sunshine is back
    Welcome back Maureen. I'm sure you are having mixed emotions about getting back to your routine. I'm happy you are here and sad that your vacation is over. We missed you terribly.

    Yes, we kinda collapsed on here without you. If we'd have written anything else it would have all been about wondering where you were or what you were doing. lol

    Going to the State Fair had to be neat. I had a girlfriend who went to the Indiana State Fair and she said it was great. Her hubby doesn't like to go so he stayed home and baby sat their 1 year old boy and she went with her folks and brothers and sisters. Isn't that way cool. It's a family tradition that they have kept up even tho the kids have married and moved out. I think that is wonderful. I'd like to have one day a year where my hubby, daughter and son do something together just like when they were young. Actually, my daughter, son and I spent a day canning sauce a couple of weeks ago. It's funny how we all remembered our various duties and got the production line going again. I was exhausted by the end of the day but it brought back such wonderful memories of when they were home and we were canning beans or making black raspberry jelly.

    Yes, I had a ball at Bristol but was so sore and tired afterwards that I couldn't even force myself to walk down the hall to the jacuzzi.

    Went back to the Dr. today and she increased my muscle relaxant and prozac because of the exhaustion, stress, and cramps I've been getting lately. She also gave me a pnemonia shot and now I can't raise my left arm because of the pain. waaaaaaahhhhh. lol Have to do a stupid fasting blood test because of the cramps. gritch gritch gritch.

    But emotionally, I'm fine. Get ready for the best news. Both my son and my son in law have found jobs. whoopie, turning cartwheels, jumping up and down here Just when you think you can't get through one more day the good lord provides for you. I am so grateful and happy.

    Two weeks is not enough time for you to recover from the flight and see everyone and do everything. But it is better than no weeks. For us, the two weeks just drug by. Hopefully everyone arrived back home safe and sound. I imagine the boys are glad to be back home and back to their friends and activities.

    Yes, Stitcher45, we did not do a good job of keeping this going while Sunshine was gone. Hope you are doing ok. I figured when you didn't post that you were not doing so well. That's the way it is with me. I don't want to post if I can't have at least a little glimmer of joy or hope or happiness to share. Somedays its just too hard to concentrate. When I left work tonight and started to say my goodbyes, I couldn't remember 2 of the girls names and I've known them for over 15 years. eeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkk Tomorrow will be a better day, tomorrow will be a better day, today is already pretty special. Sunshine is back................ Stitcher45 is back........ BLTN_mom is back............ Carry on ladies while I go hunt my brain.
  • Speaking of brains . . . if you find one with my name on it just e-mail it to me . . .
  • Forgetting
    Warning!! I got rather wordy and rambling in this post. Don't feel you have to read all of it. I guess if someone doesn't like it they can delet the whole thing.

    I am so glad to hear that others have trouble with remembering names and words. It upsets me when I can't remeber how to spell a simple word. The other day I couldn't think how to spell love. I felt so stupid. My dh tries to help by making light of the forgetfulness and also by reminding me of all the meds I'm on and how they can effect your mind in many ways. It just really gets to me though.

    Yes, Linda I have been having a rough time and didn't want to make contact with anyone. It also hurt to type so I avoided the computer for about 2 weeks. I'm am stil hurting and the depression has been atruggle but I am holding my own right now.

    We have had a month of very stressful things happening. My dd who lives with us started nurses trainiing ( she has been out of school for about 10 years so it was stressful for her to get started and it effected me. I had to have my little kitten put to sleep and that has thrown me for a loop, The same dd has found out that she has to have surgery on her knee right away and this week she has started having severe pain in her lower left side. Thought that it was an ovarian cyst that was ready to burst. She has had a gamit of test and they find nothing, she is going to see her doctor again tomorrow morning and she is going to demand that he do something because she just can't deal with the pain any longer. It is effecting her ability to study and she has about 5 hours of homework every night. we also place our grd#1 into a treatment center for kids with behavioral and emotional problems. In order to get the treatment paid for we had to sign her over to the state as a foster child or a childin need of assistance -CHINA -that was the hardest thing I have ever done - it was even harder than when our daughter realized that she couldn't care for this grd when she was a tiny baby because our dd was so very sick after she gave birth. Her kidneys shut down and it took a long time for her to get over that. Anyway she placed grd#1 in our care for over 2 years.

    Boy am I being wordy and telling more than you really care to know. Sometimes I think I just need to tell someone else what is going through my mind. To top all this over one of the 6 cats we have here now gave birth to 3 dear little ones 8 weeks ago and she has got progressively sicker ever since. I took her to the vet yesterday and the cat had a very high fever and a high white count. They think that her uterus has an infection and neds to come out imediatly. Of course we don't have the money to pay for it but it has to be done. With her needing this surgery and our dd facing 2 surgeries. I gues there went my trip to Calf in Nov out the window. I am just sick over that.

    I should just erace all this but maybe it need it to be posted even if no one wants to read it.

    May God's blessings shine down o each of you.

  • Sandy
    You've had more than your share of grief this past month. I am so sorry. I wish I could give you a gentle hug. Just try to hang on and please feel free to write whenever your hands don't hurt so bad. I may not have any sage advice, but I will listen and offer my sympathy, prayers and gentle hugs. You already have more strength than you realize or you wouldn't have survived this past month. I will pray for more strength and peace for you.

    The decision about your granddaughter had to be one of the most difficult decisions you have ever had to make. How old is she? Will you be allowed visitation? Will she be allowed to come home on holidays? I will keep her in my thoughts, too, and hope that someone there will take her under their wing and teach her and protect her and watch over her.

    We are here to share the joy and the grief because that is what life is about. There are times that it is difficult to force yourself to keep going but you have to remember how many people care for you and need you in their lives.

    Take care of yourself. We care.
  • Ah, my dear you are doing well - your got your thoughts across to us. It is often said a sorrow shared is halved - that he can offer a shoulder, since I can't offer tea or coffee, and an ear. We can give advice or give strength. We are here to let you know that when you hurt we hurt .