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Local & Regional Forums Looking for people in your neck of the woods? Or maybe you are going to visit another area and need some help from the locals? Check it out!

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Old 08-27-2005, 04:40 AM
Bettan's Avatar
Nine Year Member
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Join Date: Jan 2002
Location: Louisiana
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I live in a small town in west central Louisiana. We are finally getting a four lane going through north and south. I think it will help the town grow. We don't have too many stores to shop at so if we don't find it at Walmart then we have to go to Shreveport or Alexandria. Toledo Bend Lake is near. It is the largest man made lake in the south. We are not far from Natchitoches, which is like the old south. It has a lot of old southern homes and plantations. The movie Steel Magnolia was made there. I love shopping there in the downtown area. It gives you the feeling of going back in time. We have a slow paced layed back life in Louisiana which is really nice. People do a lot of fishing and hunting here. The timber and oil businesses are big in the state.
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Old 08-27-2005, 08:54 AM
FamilyCorner Newbie
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Where you live. Canada

Yes it is interesting reading where you all live.
I live in Northern Canada, oh how I would love some of that Texas weather in the winter time. We are 10 klm outside the capital of Alberta, Edmonton which has a population of 700,000. Sherwood Park is a wonderful community of 70,000 people with homes built around parks and lakes and miles and miles of walking paths throughout the community and lots of varied trees and shrubs. We have two swimming pools, one a huge wave pool, lots of ice arenas for Hockey and Skating, Indoor and outdoor Soccer. Gardens tend to be well looked after and pretty as our gowing season is extremely short.
I am prone to say yes we have 3 months bad weather and 9 months of winter where temps can dip to -50C but usually around -20 to - 30C and lots of snow.
In texas you come in dripping with sweat and we come in with icicles hanging from our noses and eyes after clearing the snow to go shopping.
This summer has been very wet and few nice hot days like today which is supposed to reach +25C, we occasionally get a heatwave +30C.
My daughter Travel Nursed and is married in the USA so I have travelled extensively through out the USA and overseas. I am originally Australian, met my husband on a cruise to Sth Africa. We eventually came to Canada for six months and ended up settling here and raising our family here with lots of trips to warmer climates in our winters. The pride of my life are my two little Grandchildren, one 7 months and the other 14months in Calgary.
Edmonton has the Worlds Largest Shopping Mall, West Edmonton Mall. You can shop till you drop, ice skate and go to the wave pool and play 9 hole golf (Ibelieve it is) all under the one roof. Lots of restaurants, theaters etc. We usually only go once a year near Christmas unless we have visiters from afar.
Many of you may have heard of The Rocky Mountains, Edmonton is one of the gateways to them, also the often used route to Alaska which seems to be the dream of many Americans to visit. Yes we do have lots of deer that will wander into town but very rare for a bear to be seen in the city limits.
Calgary is the other gateway to the Rockies, it is south of us and you can get to Banff via that City. We lead the way to Jasper and if any of you want to drive the most beautiful scenery in the world, go from Jasper to Banff or visa versa. The Mts and lakes in summer are magnificent and snow and ice, glaciers and Mts the same in winter.
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Old 08-27-2005, 08:54 AM
stekim's Avatar
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Join Date: Jan 2002
Location: Central New York
Posts: 160
We live in a small town in Upstate NY. There are about 100 people that live in Holmesville. We live in the country. There is no store or traffic light. There are a lot of farms around & a really nice farmers market that we go to about 1/2 hour away. We go about 10 minutes to the little grocery stores, 1/2 hour to the bigger stores & 1 hour to the malls & the bigger restaurants. I love living here. The changing of the seasons is just so nice. Right now it's just perfect with the leaves changing & the gorgeous days & the cool nights. It just smells so nice & I love it. Sometimes I could do without the snow in the winter but I sure would miss all the beauty that comes with it. It's been a really HOT summer. It's been in the 90's all summer which is not usual for us. There has been hardly any rain & the grass is all brown BUT I'm not complaining. I love the sunshine & it's been great but I am looking forward to fall.
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Old 08-27-2005, 09:49 AM
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Location: In a home I love on a quiet st:)
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Where Do You Live

I have so enjoyed reading about all the places some of you live. I am ashamed to say I don't have any of the data about a very interesting area near me. It is historical Yorktown, VA but lots of the streets there are named after some of the French biggies of the Civil War time. More later when I find something to tell you
I will take what I am served knowing someone out there is being served MUCH less
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Old 08-27-2005, 10:20 AM
mousebyte's Avatar
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Join Date: May 2002
Location: small town Georgia
Posts: 545
Bettan I lived in Shreveport as a child and use to go fishing with my dad at Toledo Bend all the time. It is one of my dad's favorite fishing lakes and even though he lives in Texas now amoung many fishing lakes he still talks about Toledo Bend.

I live in a very small town in Georgia named Ranger. Ranger is in the north west part of the state about an hour and a half from Atlanta and about an hour from Chattanooga TN. We live on top of a mountain. We have lots of wild life up here with us and some really pretty views. It is quite and safe up here, we can't see our closest neighbors from our house so it is like we are up here alone most of the time. We don't have any traffic lights or grocery stores in our town, we do have a post office and a volunteer fire department. One of the towns we go shopping in is about 30 miles down the road and the other is 45 minutes up the road. It is nice here though and meets our needs while our kids are growing up. When we retire we will head back to Texas where all our family live.

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Old 08-28-2005, 10:55 AM
apricot's Avatar
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Location: CA
Posts: 5,984
You all live in such interesting places and I wish that I could visit all of them. The first 30 years of my life I lived in southern California in a small city about 20 miles outside of Los Angeles It was called La Puente, which means 'The Bridge' in Spanish.

In the late 1980s we moved to Visalia in central California. According to the history, a man named Nathaniel Vise built a fort here in 1852 and named the city after his hometown in Visalia, Kentucky. Some transient miners went through during the Gold Rush to the south but were disappointed and came back to settle here. We are in the smallest county in California but Visalia is the largest city in the county so people from the smaller cities come here to shop, etc. Lots of the farms have been sold and we now have mega department stores and grocery stores. There is still one small grocery store about 3 miles away that I prefer to shop at since I get lost in those huge stores. A lot of farms still surround the outskirts of the city though and a lot of the food for the United States is grown here. There are raisin grapes, plums, peaches, nectarines, olives, oranges and corn fields. It is beautiful in the spring when all the fruit trees are in bloom. The weather is usually hot most of the year except for the three winter months. It doesn't snow here in the city but does on the mountains above us. We are about 3 hours away from Yosemite National Park where some people like to go and climb "Half Dome."
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Old 08-28-2005, 04:09 PM
ditzy46's Avatar
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Join Date: Apr 2005
Location: georgia
Posts: 304
I was born and raised in the big city known as the Big Easy...New Orleans. Its a very fast-paced hustle bustle city. Lots of shopping, traffic, delicious foods and resturants. This city has quite a colorful history, from Mardi Gras to voodoo to some of the jolliest people you will ever meet. I lived on the outskirts of New Orleans which is known as the Westbank. I lived in Algiers right on the Mississippi River. Me and my sisters used to go swimming in the mom never knew..she would have killed us all if she In the summer we use to go behind the levy and pick blackberries and come home with purple hands and Then in late summer we had to deal with the hurricanes. We hunkered down in our house and prayed for a safe time. I was in Betsy, Audrey and Camille. It was scary.

Now I live in a very quiet town in Georgia..Nahunta to be exact. We have one grocery store , bank , post office , one street light and an elementary middle and high school. Our closes city is 25 miles away in Waycross and the bigger city is 35 miles in Brunswick. We moved here in '97 mil sold us 2 acres of land and we bought a trailer and cleared the land. My dd finished school here and went and met her husband here too. They both graduated together. They just recently got married in May on the beautiful St. Simons Island. I work on Jekyll Island at the Buccaneer Beach Resort Hotel. Both islands sit on the Atlantic Ocean. It is so peaceful and very beautiful to look out of a window on my job and see the ocean. It is very nice to go to the beach here on occasion. We also enjoy spending the day at the Water Park here on the island too. The state owns Jekyll Island. It costs visitors $3 to get in. It has a historical district with a train ride and a museum. The Roosevelts and the Vanderbilts built summer homes here on the island and they are famous tourists attractions here. One home built by the Goodyear Family is now the famous Jekyll Island Club Hotel. It is very posh and rumor has it that celebreties have been known to stay here. I also hear you can't get a room here under $150 a night.
Well I am sorry for such a long post. I hope all who are down in Louisiana are safe during the hurricane and everyone comes out with no damage or injuries
God be with you all
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Old 08-29-2005, 08:50 AM
seleach's Avatar
Join Date: Jun 2005
Location: Somewhere over the rainbow
Posts: 14,165
I grew up in a small city in the middle of Wisconsin. Marshfield. All farm land in the area.
In the 60's, I lived in Amarillo Texas. Palo Duo Canyon is near by and we did go there. We also went to Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico. So I have been in your area DeBora.
I now live in a fishing village along Lake Michigan. We are about 45 min. from Green Bay.
Do most of my shopping in Manitowoc. Work there.
Do enjoy the changing seasons. Fall is my favorite time of year with the colored leaves and there is a smell in the air that is never there at any other time. Don't know how to describe it but it is a good smell. May come from all the harvesting.
Fairly quiet here.
Though I hate driving in snow and ice, winter can be beautiful. With ice on the trees glistening and the white snow, it can look like a picture on a Christmas card.
Because of the lake we are cooler here than the rest of the state in the summer and warmer in the winter. Although this summer has been unusual for us. We were in the 90's.
There have been been shipwrecks in this area and the wreakage is still at the bottom of the lake.
The Christmas Tree ship was lost a few miles from our port. It hauled Christmas trees to Chicago. The captain was told not to sail because of a storm coming, but he thought he could outrun it and get his trees to Chicago. He couldn't. All men on board were lost.
There is a lot of hunting and fishing in our state.
Love going on a ride to the north woods.
The Wisconsin Dells area is a fun place to visit. Also the House on the Rock.
The Frank Lloyd Wright home is also near there.
In Lanona, there is a logging camp where tourists can go. To get there you have to ride on a train. One of the old ones that uses coal for fuel.

When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.
Thomas Jefferson
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Old 08-29-2005, 10:29 PM
Bilby's Avatar
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Location: Australia
Posts: 24,200
I was born in Queensland Australia and when I was 1 mum, dad and I shifted to a country town in Victoria. So my most informative first 10 yrs were lived in a small town and the fun(?) that goes with it.
11 yrs old and we shifted back to Queensland and near where I was born. I live a leisurely 10 min stroll from the beach/sea but still close enough to the bush to see kangaroos and koalas although not in our back yard a bit of a drive away. We are also close enough to all the shops we need as the area is losing it's bushlands rather quickly. I like the quiet cul de sac I live in as it's close to it all and yet far away from the traffic.
Wheather is pretty good no snow, but not enough rain either.
We have a haunted old court house (Cleveland) that is now a restaurant, we have wineries (Mt Cotton) recently, bay islands (Stradbroke Coochie, Russell etc), wow I sound like the tourism board so here is the redlands link and the area I live in is, Victoria Point.

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Old 08-31-2005, 09:29 PM
Lifestar's Avatar
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Location: I'm in a New York State of Mind
Posts: 1,823
I live in a suburb of NYC. The town of Stony Point in Rockland County NY. Population is about 10,000. I grew up in The Bronx, which has a bigger population, though it's not as bad as it seems in the movies. I moved up here when I got married, as it was the only area where we could afford a house in a nice neighborhood outside of the city, and still stay close to family in The Bronx.

Rockland is bordered by the Hudson River, Harriman and Bear Mountain State Parks, and the state of New Jersey. It's a very historic area with a lot of Revolutionary War historc sites. We live about 20 minutes south of West Point Military Academy, and at the site of Stony Point Battlefield. The place where Bennedict Arnold was tried and hanged is not far from my home, and soooo many places have "George Washington slept Here" plaques, it's hard to be excited by the histoy of them anymore.

I'm about 45 minutes from midtown Manhattan ( without traffic.. 2 hrs with traffic...) Everything around here is about 20 minutes from everywhere else. It's culturally diverse and absolutely wonderful. We have great restaurants, theatre, museums, concert venues and wonderful lakes, beaches and parks. Schools here are very well rated, and taxes are still low for the area. The best part of my town is the green space and riverfrontage. I'd love to show you all around anytime!

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