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HOMEWriter 01-08-2002 09:48 PM

I designated shelves in my big deep freeze out in the garage. It's a very old model, with one main door and smaller doors for each of the four compartments.

#1 - ice cream and breakfast stuff (waffles, freezie-pops, etc.)
#2 - miscellaneous stuff and vegetables (hot dogs, froz. corn, tortellini, frozen pizza, etc.)
#3 - Poultry (chicken nuggets, cut-up fryers, etc.)
#4 - Pork and Beef (frozen lasagna, ground beef, ribs, etc.)

Works well!

Do you have a big freezer, or are you just working with the one attached to your frig?

Kelly H.

Amanda 01-09-2002 06:09 AM

Well currently I am just using my fridge freezer. I have a medium sized freezer in the basement, but my son unplugged it and it sat for three days. Suddenly the smell of rank meat filled the house. UGH! So I emptied it and there was an exploded orange juice container in there. So I plugged it back in to freeze that, and haven't cleared it out yet. :(

So for now, I need to figure out what the heck to do with my freezer above my fridge!

HOMEWriter 01-09-2002 10:39 AM

You could still ...
... designate areas for certain foods. Do you have one of those containers to hold ice cubes after they are frozen and you pop them out? I keep freezie-pops in mine! It only takes about 2 hours for the cubes to freeze in the trays, so as long as we keep the trays filled, we're okay with ice. (We use ice throughout the day in our Guzzler - a thermal container we keep ice water in for the whole family to drink from, but mostly for me.)

Not counting that container, I have two shelves, giving me four sections in the freezer. They're a lot skinnier than the deep freeze, but it's still usable space.

Remember to keep your meats as flat and uniform in shape as you can when you place them in the freezer. I would put them on the top shelf, closest to the vent, so that they get frozen fast. Don't forget to mark the container/package so you know what it is! And remember to spread them out until they are frozen, if you have more than one package. Once the packages are frozen, stack them up. I just separated a little over six pounds of ground beef and tucked them into my freezer, as well as two boneless chicken breasts. After wrapping the chicken, I placed them into a sealable bag labeled with the contents.

:eek: Oh! I'm getting off track!

Okay, try putting meats on the top shelf, then pastas on the next shelf, vegetables and miscellaneous on half of the bottom and breakfast stuff on the other half. Keep your small, loose items, like corn dogs, lean pockets, small packages of chopped onion, etc., in the door if you have shelves there.

Now, if you have ice cream, that takes precedence! Place that into your freezer first, and fit anything else around it as you are able. If you can't fit anything else in, well, you better eat that ice cream quick before it melts! :D

Kelly H.

aubry 01-16-2002 08:23 AM

Oh, freezers!
I am impatiently waiting for my dh w-2 too come in. So I can get that refund and a freezer!! I have been wanting one for a long time, but didn't think I really had the room. But I got too thinking I have a very large bedroom closet with a unused outlet in it. Perfect place, plenty of room, and out of the kids reach.
Now were can I get the best deals on that ice cream!;-)

HOMEWriter 01-16-2002 09:07 AM

Make sure ...
Make sure you have some room behind the freezer in that closet! Unless they've changed over the years, they still need some ventilation space, to keep from overheating. You may also want to take the precaution of placing some plastic under the freezer ... just in case. When I was little our freezer was in the basement, so whenever it needed defrosting the water would drain into the floor drain. Our current freezer is in the garage, and I remove the chunks of ice as I'm able and the boys throw them outside. But, there is still some draining into the floor drain.

Let us know when you get your freezer ~ We'll all be over for ice cream. ROFLMAO

Kelly H.

jsaul5364 01-16-2002 11:52 AM

Recommendations for freezer?
Hi everyone!

Does anyone have a recommendation for a brand of freezer? I am hoping to purchase one in the next month and I have no idea what brands or features are the best.

Thanks in advance!


HOMEWriter 01-16-2002 12:06 PM

Freezer tips
Hi, Jo!

Welcome to the Organizing Forum - always nice to see a new :-: face!

For freezers, the most efficient ones are the chest types. Hot air rises, and cold air falls, right? So, when you open a chest freezer, all the cold air stays down at the bottom. With an upright freezer, the cold air rushes out at the bottom when you open the door, causing the freezer to work hard to "get back up to speed" and stay at the proper temperature.

Unfortunately, with chest freezers you have to stack the food, making it harder to know how long something has been in there. It would help to keep some sort of list tacked to the freezer, and labels on the packages, so you know what needs to be used first.

I wanted an upright, but my husband said we needed a chest. A friend called and told us about a free upright, so we got that. :D But, it's really nice - when you open the main door, you see four smaller doors so each shelf is it's own compartment. Really holds the cold air in well!

Sorry I can't recommend any brands ... it's been awhile since we shopped for one. Be sure to notice the yellow tags on the appliances - the energy rating tags. You could probably find a back issue of a Consumer Reports magazine at your local library as well, to see which ones they recommend.

Let us know what you get!

Kelly H.

jsaul5364 01-17-2002 11:04 AM

Thanks for the advice. The consumer reports is an excellent idea. I really need to educate myself in this area. (It took me a while to understand what a 'chest' freezer was - LOL)

I have been keeping a price book for about 6 months now. It will be helpful to use that in conjunction with a freezer so that I can stock up enough on things until the next time they go on sale.

We'll be at the library this weekend and then I'll do some comparison shopping next week. There is a scratch and dent outlet near us, so I'll check that out.

Thanks again for the advice!


ladyinmaille 01-22-2002 02:20 PM

Freezer stuff
My freezer is a nightmare. When my hubby got out of the service a zillion years ago, the gave him a bonus check and with that money we bought a huge chest type freezer. I am short in the britches so everytime I have to dive in the freezer, I let hubby know so he can come hunting for me if I don't return. ::-):: The only suggestion I can make is at the very bottom of my freezer, I have milk cartons filled with water. That way if it stops or we have a power outage, the frozen water helps keep the contents colder for a longer period of time.

otheila 01-24-2002 05:39 PM

We have a chest freezer. I use 4L ice cream buckets to store my stuff in so it's easy to find. After I get home from the grocery store I seperate the meat into meal sizes, then each type gets wrapped and put into the containers. Then the lids I painted the type of meat that's in it on the lid each one different color. Peach= bonless chicken breast, red= steak, blue=haddock, pink= salmon..............
Then at the bottom I have milk crates filled with breads, ice, cereal, flour, frozen meals. with having the crates I don't have to reach down so far just pull it out/up to grab what I want
The wire baskets have the frozen juices, turtle food, more ice, jam and snacks. and anything else just goes to the side shelf...

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