Money Making Ideas

  • Kid Biz Moneymakers

    Do you feel like you're endlessly doling out the cash to your kids? Put a stop to those tugs on your sleeve for the extra fiver, and teach your kids a lesson in financial responsibility at the same time. We've assembled the top moneymaking enterprises for kids . Print it out and have your kids take their pick. Then watch as their sense of competence and confidence, and their piggy banks, grow.

    AGES 10 AND UP

    Car wash

    Child care: babysitting, hosting weekday story hours or putting on puppet shows

    Curb painting: kids who charge $2 to $4 per job can earn up to $50 a day

    Garage cleaning

    Helping people move: packing, unpacking, cleaning up

    Lawn care: mowing, edging, weeding, trimming and flower bed maintenance

    Lemonade stand (deluxe): make "gourmet lemonade" with crushed fruit and club soda. Or sell iced tea, home-baked goodies and handmade crafts.

    Maid-for-a-day: clean closets, shine shoes or help throw a party

    Odd jobs agency: set one up with neighborhood kids

    Pet care: groom pets, give flea baths, clean fish tanks or pet-sit

    Pick up newspapers and mail: for neighbors on vacation.

    Plant watering and sitting

    *Ideas from Family Fun Magazine
  • Money making ideas for Teens
    Money Makers for Teenagers

    Carpet cleaning

    Bike repair

    Buying and selling used books

    Errand service: including grocery and drycleaning delivery
    Golf caddie

    Messenger service

    Outdoor painting: furniture, fences, dog houses, decks and storage sheds

    Pool cleaning



    Window washing

    * Ideas from Family Fun Magazine
  • Teens and work
    hi - my 14 year old daughter just signed up to sell Avon! Already she is learning how to figure out cost and how to sell and talk to people. IN this project she will have to do many things - deal with people, place orders, make change, suggestive selling, how much to invest in bags and books etc. If she can make enough $$ to buy her own beauty products etc for school that would be great.