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ratpack 07-16-2003 05:42 PM

VERY picky eater
I don't know how my child (5) stays alive! She is such a picky eater that she only eats cereal, PB&J sandwiches, ham/cheese/crackers, hotdogs, chicken nuggets, milk, spaghetti and mac and cheese. I do give her a multi vitamin, but I get sooo concerned about her. I have tried the "put it on her plate and make her try it", putting the food in the fridge and try again later. And even, "She'll eat it or starve!" deal. She would basically starve. She is NOT interested in eating at all. Of course, she does like junk food, but I won't let her eat it, unless she eats something from the top list. Any help????? I have tried many strategies, but nothing is working!!

MomsZoo 07-17-2003 04:55 AM

My neighbor has gone through this with her daughter from birth and she's almost 11 now. She's a little bit better now, but when she was around the age of 5 all she would eat was spaghetti and junk food so her doctor told her just make sure she eats something and give her a multi vitamin.... so you're doing the right thing, but I know it's frustrating!
My youngest (3 years) is the only one in my family that won't eat vegetables so when I made green beans last night I gave her just one and I struggled with her for almost an hour about eating 1 green bean!!! She finally ate it because it was either that or go to bed, but afterwords she said it was "gwoss" ;-)

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