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JRosier 09-06-2007 04:10 PM

Preschool Birthday Treats
Hi all! My 3 (almost 4) year old son started preschool this week. His birthday is coming up soon and I'm looking for ideas for birthday treats for his class. The parents all received a memo to steer clear of cupcakes because of the mess and I'm scared to death of other kids with food allergies (our family can, and does, eat anything).

I'm finding so many cute ideas but they either have nuts for the ears or peanut butter filling, etc. Any other suggestions?? I LOVE the buggy/critter ideas!



megrayau 09-07-2007 05:53 AM

Sorry that cupcakes are too messy, it makes choices a bit limited!
What about fruit kebabs: thread chunks of watermelon, honeydew, canteloupe/rockmelon, apple, grapes etc with maybe a mini marshmallow on each end. I'm sure you could make these look like bugs. Maybe cut large green leaves from paper/cardboard and have the bugs crawl over it. Perhaps 2 chocolate dots for eyes on the marshmallow for each bug?

ajrsmom 09-14-2007 08:31 AM

How about a snack mix made of Chex cereal, raisins, m&ms or mini choc. chips and pretzel sticks? You could put this in cute little plastic gift bags.

More ideas from FC:

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This great article contains lots of snack ideas that might spark a party food idea! ;)
30 Healthier Snack Ideas for Kids

Hope you can find something here!

Please let us know what you decide on. I'm sure the kids will enjoy it no matter what you give them. :)


barbszy 09-14-2007 10:45 AM

I've found that kids don't generally notice how elaborate the snack is--just how good it tastes.

Check with your child's teacher about any allergies. If there are nut, chocolate, egg, wheat or dairy issues, she can tell you that.

My DD asked me to send in Rice Krispie Treats for her birthday one year, because there was a highly-allergic child in her class, but this child could have those.

My kindergartener says that his friends bring in "donut holes" for birthday snack treats.

Mini muffins are fun too.

Brownies are also a hit if chocolate is not an issue, or chocolate-chip cookes (make a pan cookie and cut it up.) You can pack individual servings of brownies or cookies in sandwich bags or even "treat bags" that are decorated. This way you have a simple treat but a cute package. Or just send in a pack of birthday napkins so that when the snack is served there's a cute napkin to set it on.

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