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suealln 11-15-2003 05:45 PM

What to get for Christmas?
Does anyone have one of those Leap Frog programs for kids? I'm thinking about getting a couple for my two oldest grandbabies. I've heard they have one that is progressive. Meaning that you can continue to buy programs for it as the child ages. My gbs'are 2,2,1, and 8 months.
Otherwise, I have NO clue as to what to get them, other than clothing.
HELP!! I need ideas.


ajrsmom 11-17-2003 08:03 PM

I highly recommend just about anything from Leap Frog. My son had the alphabet learning bus and used it to teach himself the alphabet when he was young. We just bought him the Leap Pad that has the pen with it that you can write with it. The Pad is great although Im not sure yet if I would recommend spending the extra money for the writing Pad. You can get pretty good deals right now on the regular pads. They keep them busy and they are learning at the same time! The books and cartridges arent that expensive and it always gives Grandparents a new gift to buy. :)

You can buy the smaller version of the Leap Pad for younger children too.

I think this is a great idea!!


suealln 11-18-2003 05:10 AM

AJRSMOM, Thank you soooooooo much. I went to TOYSRUS the other day, to price them, and seen 3 different kinds of similar things. One was a quantum, another from fisherprice and the leapfrog. The fisherprice one didn't have a pen with it. You just used your finger to touch whatever. The others have the pens.
But if you recommend the leapfrog, that is what I'm going with.
Thank you very very much. I really do appreciate it.

Breezy 11-18-2003 06:21 AM

I do not know about the other 2 that u mentioned, but I do know that with the Leap Frog you can keep adding more and more advanced programs as the children grow!

octo4 11-18-2003 03:48 PM

freee leap pad book
> This was posted in another group I'm in but since you were discussing leap pads, i thought it might interest you
> Free Leap Pad Book
> Just enter 2 UPC codes!
> 30082
> 30045
> 30072
> 30111
> 30204
> 30046
> 30207
> 30075

octo4 11-18-2003 04:01 PM

oops, additional requirements
oops, sorry, it also requires proof of purchase (receipt), but at least if you are really getting 2 books, you can get a third one for free.

my sister gave my kids a leap pad set with some books. my kids are 3 and 5 and they both love it. ours doesn't have the writing portion, but the kids love it anyway.

there is a first leap pad for the smaller kids but my sister decided to get the 'second' stage one since my older kid might quickly outgrow the first stage one.

i even invested (just today) on the storage bad for the set (it was 5 dollars off in toys r us) since it is easy to misplace the cartridges when the book collection starts to grow.

have fun with your set!


ajrsmom 11-18-2003 04:23 PM

I agree about buying some sort of container for the books and cartridges. We have been keeping them in the box but he will need to get something after Christmas to hold them. Since you say that Toys R Us has them on sale, I might take a look at them tomorrow. We are planning on going there to check out the Leap Frog Learning Table for my daughter. She will 6 months old next week so she should be able to start using it at Christmas.

Like I said, Im not real sure if I would recommend the newest Leap Pad with the lead in the pencil. It seems to be more of a pain in the neck than anything. He does his writing on regular paper anyway but he loves the Leap Pad and the stories. I like the fact that he is learning while doing something that he really likes. You can buy specific subjects or buy stories with their favorite characters in them. We got him the Scooby Doo book when we bought it and I think we are getting him the Sponge Bob one for Christmas. He also has the reading book for his age.

Does anyone own the Learning Table that they could give me a review for it?

suealln 11-18-2003 06:47 PM

I am certainly happy to know which one to get. And that it's highly recommended. That takes a load off. As for sending in the upcs' and get a third one for free, I can keep one here at my house for when I watch them.
As for the lead in the pen, I didn't know anything about that. I'll be sure to watch out for that one.
Thank you both so much. It's a relief to hear how other children enjoy it. Thank you thank you thank you. You have both saved me alot of stress.

bar_bar 11-18-2003 06:59 PM

^^ grandparents site ^^ this is been one thing I was hoping to see. howdy all we got one thing in common and that is our gbabies
I have 3 from my dh kids and 3 from my dd. we got 3b and 3g

Homemade puzzles are fun and can be adapted to any age. Use heavy backing such as the cardboard inserts from packaged sheets or heavy poster board. Find a colorful picture from a magazine or old book you don't mind tearing up, preferably something of interest to the child. Firmly glue the entire page to the cardboard. When it is dry, cut it into creative shapes. The number of pieces and degree of difficulty are up to you!

could use cereal boxes for the cardboard or to make it even easier use the picture on the cereal box. After you get the pieces cut use an emery board to sand down the rough edges.

2kind of puzzel
I blow up a picture of the child glue it on cardboard then cut it up into pieces according to child's age. Large pieces for the very young child and smaller pieces for the older child. Then print a collage of smaller pictures in black and white to cover a coffee can for your puzzle. Also have glued pictures inside a clear plastic Christmas bulb. Every age likes to see themselves in pictures. Bulbs come from the craft department at Wal-Mart. Hope this helps.

Personalized Placemats

I have made stuffed animals, such as dinosaurs from patterns out of magazines just enlarged them on a copier and if I needed it even bigger do a free hand out line. You can buy material with the pattern already laid out or find patterns online. Do a key word search such as turtle pattern to find a pattern online.

Placemats made from old calendars or magazines are easy. Just cut out the pictures and lay down on clear laminate. Then put a layer of laminate on top making sure to smooth it out to prevent air bubbles or wrinkles. The little ones will love seeing characters from their favorite magazines when they eat.

Bath Paint Pleasure

A great inexpensive gift for young kids is to make a bath paint set. You will need a brightly colored plastic bucket in which to put the goods. Make your bath paints with liquid hand soap with a drop or two of food coloring to make the various colors. Put your paints in snack size disposable containers with covers. You may want to include three or four different colors in each bucket. Include a sponge paintbrush, a rubber duck that can be purchased at the dollar store, and a small plastic paint palette tray. The kids will love it!

For young girls, dress-up clothes are always fun. These can be found at garage sales and second hand stores. Often the best dress-up clothes are silky nightgowns that Grandma wore and her old shoes, purses and hats. Many things we consider out of date are a treasure to a little girl.

If you have time to spend with the children and don't live too far away, certificates for TIME are a great gift. Make colorful "coupons" they can redeem for a day spent with you. You can specify the activity or leave it to their imagination, within reason and the budget. An example would be a day baking cookies, a picnic in the park, a trip to the museum or zoo, a tea party, a matchbox race, or working in the garden. Children love it when adults take time to enjoy being with them and often the activity itself is not important.

Gifts from Fleece

You can do a scarf pretty easily as well as a blanket, mittens, hat, stocking, and pillowcase. Fleece does not fray at the end, so you needn't worry about sewing the edging because it won't unravel. To make a nice finished edge, either do a yarn blanket stitch, which loops from one side to the other, hooking the last stitch as you go so there is a line going along the top. Experiment because it's easier than it sounds. Easier still is to cut in from the edge about three inches and 1/4 inch apart and you have a fringe. To get fancy, put two different fleece together, two solids or one pattern other solid color, sew them together or blanket stitch on the sides, then on the ends of the scarf cut the fringe. Take one fringe from each side and tie them together. It looks great!

Do the children have cassette players? If so, record yourself reading a selection of classic kid favorites. You can tailor each tape to the age and interest of the child. If the books are inexpensive you might include them to make your own homemade story and tape kids still has their tape that was done by dh when they were small, it was truly a treasure for them could do any kind of a theme from a stuffed bear with a tape of stories featuring bears, a small race car with a tape of stories about racecars, a small doll paired with doll stories, etc!


One inexpensive gift, which my kids love, is making them pillow cases. You can choose material that you know they like.just sew up the sides and machine hem the bottom. It's a gift that lasts
I guess I made my son back about 8 yrs ago maybe longer and he still has it and sleeps with it and he is almost 22 in a few days. IN fact he wants another one. also did this for grandson, but the way I did both of them was to make the oversize more like the body pillow and stuff it with rags that was shredded up. this way they just gather it where they want the pillow to bunch and sleep like a baby.

hope this helps. and my gd loves to play dress up eveery time they come over, and you can also buy cute dress up thing at 1 stores.

suealln 11-19-2003 07:26 PM

Bar_bar, Thank you so much. I'd have never thought of those ideas. They are really great. Thank you. I like the one with the puzzles, and the placemats, and the bath paints, actually, ALL of them. I'm not a craft creative person, but those sound really easy to do. I REALLY do appreciate all the different ideas. Thank you so much.

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