Calling Any and All Grandparents

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  • HI GRANDPARENTS! Let's start some activity around here. I've got 6 grandkids and love them all !! 3 of them live with us (their mommy to.) Half the time I feel like I'm living in a," Nut House" or maybe, "Grammys Looney Bin"!! hee hee---It's a very hectic home, but we do have a lot of fun!!!! My 3 year old granddaughter is thirsty and just asked for a glass of drink. haha Now you know this child is tierd!!! Hope some of you post soon........
  • Hi Happy6, welcome to FC.

    I have 9 Grandkids and 12 step grands, soon to be 13.

    None live with me at this time, but I too love them very much and can't wait to see them.

    The oldest is 18 and just went into the Marines on Sept 11, 2006.
    The youngest will be 2 in Feb. 2007.

    I'm not sure what kind of activity you want to start, but I'm ready. LOL
  • Hi Happy6 and Raggd3,
    I have 6 grandchildren,we lost our granddaughter Nicole to leukemia on June 21st,2006.Not a minute goes by that I don't miss her,her smile,her laughter.
    My other grandchildren are Baleigh 7,Alex 6,Laucklan 3,Damien 3 and Trinity 8 months.I love them all dearly.
    Baleigh calls me "Far Away Grandma",Alex calls me "Nanny" Laucklan and Damien call me "Mama" and Trinity doesn't call me anything yet.
    What kind of activities can us Grandma's do???
    Answer-Anything we set our minds too.
    Hope to chat soon.
  • Theresa, I'm so sorry about the loss of your precious Nicole. I can't imagine the pain you are going through. My condolences to you and your whole family.

    I don't know what Happy6 had in mind, but it might be neat to do something involving the grands.
    We have a post card exchange for the kids already. I wonder what else we could come up with.
  • Hi all,
    I'm a Grandma of 7 and almost step-Grandma of 1. We lost our oldest grandson when he was 2 days old in 1999 and I think of him all the time, especially when I talk to or about his mom(my dd#2) or his brothers. I have an angel pin to remember him by. My other grandkids are listed in my signature but here they are:
    Autumn-10; Triston-5; Gabrielle-4; Braxton-2; Chevy-7mths and Chandler-1mth.
    I love to talk to other grandma's.
    We have my two oldest granddaughters, along with their parents(my dd#1 and her husband) living with us. We rarely see the other grandkids even though Chevy is only 20minutes away-the boys are 2 hours away; I hope to see the boys next week since it's the middle ones 3rd birthday on the 10th. Oh yeah, my almost step-granddaughter is my grandsons almost sister-they and their mom live with their mom's boyfriend and his dd (my youngest and newest grandson is dd#2 and her boyfriends son). Looking forward to this thread being very active.
  • Pam, I'm very sorry about the loss of your grandson. Mine are so very special to me as I'm sure your's are to you.

    I would like to see this thread become busy and fulfilling. I'm trying to think of something we grandmoms could do besides talk. Although talking can be very healthy. LOL
  • Yes talking is very good it has pulled me thro' some tight spots, sad spots and also some happy ones.

    Right now I am in a sad one but nothing to do with grands.
  • Patti, anything I can do to help?
  • My condolences to Theresa on the loss of your precious granddaughter. My sympathy to Pam on the loss of your precious grandson. God Bless .......
  • Patti...sorry to hear you are sad...if you need someone to talk to call me....
    I have 5 grandchildren..Justin 29, George 18, Stephanie 25, Morgan 9 and Erika 8 and 4 great grands..Helena 7, Jonathan 4, Teresa 3, Justin W. 3.....none live near my only contact with them of late has been by phone....