Calling Any and All Grandparents

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  • Hi All.....I've been reading posts....It sure has been a long time since I posted.....I loved reading everyone's posts and the cute Halloween picture....Congratulations bar bar ....I see we have some new grandma's, this is great! All my grandchildren are doing good......Tyler is now 21 he has been to France and England, graduated college with a bachelor degree may go for a masters later, he is a chef in Philadelphia and has his own apartment. He has accomplished a lot at 21......Dalton still lives with us.....He is now 20 graduated high school then went to Habitats for Humanity for a year to build a house and learn the building trade....he is doing building but thinking about going into something else....Dustin Age 16 is a Jr. in high school lives with us and works after school at Wendy's.......Jared age 16 is also a Jr. in High School and loves being on the football team....Connor is now 17 and a senior in high school he is very active in the E.M.S. when he is not in school....Addy is now 14 lives with us and in her first year of high school does very well in school...She is in many clubs...In the Summer and fall she takes golf lessons and she also takes banjo lessons .She is my only granddaughter and a joy to be all the grandkids....Each one so very different! Done with my long