Calling Any and All Grandparents

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  • No baking today as did not sleep well and then slept in till after 10 and been messing around here a bit and now getting ready for cab to pick me up to go to DR's for Flu shot. And by time I get back IMP will be here etc so no baking and Gina just let me know we are going off in the morning at 9 so for sure none tomorro. And Sat both boys are home and I am leaving at noon on Sunday for town 2-3 hours away and our Senior Members annual dinner etc. I look forward to those each year we have them in Norfolk, Hopewell, or Richmond each year. This one is in Hopewell. Will get to see other members of our church but diff congregations so always nice. More later ladies
  • Happy6 you are just too funny,sometimes I think I do live at the North Pole but no I am not Mrs.Claus and yes it does get very cold here,one year it was -53 here and that was a little to cold for me,I hibernate when it gets that cold.

    Hi Patti,you are going to be a very busy lady,enjoy your dinner.

    Maryann can we see a picture of the quilts when they are done,if I say please,okay pretty please....Would love to see them.

    Well my eye is really sore,and did not get much sleep last night,and today have lots to do here,you know the normal every day stuff,cleaning,cleaning,cleaning and oh yeah cleaning,lol.

    Hope everyone has a Fabulous day,take care everyone

    Smiles & Hugs
  • Theresa, stay warm and hope the eye feels better soon.
    Yes I can post a pic of the quilts. All 4 will be the same on the front. But the backs will have each grandchilds own color. The 2 girls like purple (Tessa) and yellow and pink (Dannah).
    The 2 boys will have diff shades of blue.

    I'm still in a quandry over the older grands. Teenagers are so difficult. And then the oldest is in basic training at Parris Island. Don't know what to do about him.

    Theresa, thanks for the "freezer tip". I want to do a cookie bake/exchange. And to do it early means I have to freeze some. (notice I said "some"?) LOL I'll wrap them like you suggest.

    Everyone have a nice, and warm day.
  • Hi Maryann
    Did you recieve the books yet? Oh I can't wait to see your quilts,I found with my kids when they were teenagers it was difficult to find something they would like,that's when I started giving them gift cards.They seemed to like them.

    Hope everyone is have a wonderful day
    Take care all

  • Hi all---Pattie have a wonderful time at the church dinner---Will be waiting to hear all about it.....Maryann how long does it take you to make a quilt? Sounds really nice, I'll be looking forward to seeing the pictures. Can somebody tell me where the picture will be posted? I'm new to these things, this site takes me so long to go from one place to another. I wonder if I'm doing everything right. The other sites I visit are fast and I can get around the site quickly. .......Theresa I hope your eye will soon be better. Stay nice and warm !!! Hugs to all.........
  • I was going to suggest GAS gift card if he has a car with him as well as phone cards to let him call home and willnot cost him anythig.

    I know Adam is getting for sure WaWa gas gift card as he NEEDS that and wants it lol
  • Theresa, no books yet. I think they're visiting with the misssing ornaments. lol

    Happy6, now these are just quick quilts. They arean't patchwork where you cut and sew for hours. I do have a patchwork that i'm working on. I may show a pic of it when finished. I've been working on it so long, I've begun to dislike the darn thing.
    I will post the pics here, if it's ok. But I may have to get help to do that.
  • Sorry 'bout the back to back, but I forgot to thank you, Patti for the gas card idea.

    Won't work for the oldest, he doesn't have a vehicle with him. But it might be just the thing for his 17 year old brother.
  • Yeah you might be right on that one Maryann,Trainlady recieved her parcel and they were sent out on the same day,strange.Hmmm,will have to check into that tomorrow.

    I will be heading off to bed soon,well as soon as I put a patch on my eye,have to wear one at night now,yahoo.

    hope everyone is well
  • Good Morning and Happy Dec 1 to all you Grandparents.

    Theresa, the postal system has always driven me crazy.
    Sometimes things are delivered in one day, while another thing sent the same time takes 3 or 4 days.

    I wonder what really goes on in those back rooms. hmmmmmm

    Theresa and Patti, I'm checking with the parents re: gift cards for the grands. Need to find out where to get them from. Maybe the mall, although I hate to, everything is marked up so much there.