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  • Hey All!
    I'm new here, and to this type of forum, too. I'm as green as they come! I'm a wife of 21 years with a 20yo son who will be joining the US Navy in a few months. We have one furry creature that refuses to believe she is a cat. It's hot here in SW FLA. I look forward to learning how to participate and meeting many of you.

  • OOPS
    I just realized I said my girls were 10 and 9 1/2.....they are 10 and 8 1/2...Don't even know my own girls ages...Yes, I am a full bred OKIE and proud of it...LOL
  • Hello!

    I am Jen. I am 33. I have been married for 4.5 years, and have one son, 2.5! We, also, have a dog (12), a cat (12) and another cat (5)!

    I am a stay-at-home mother after working for one ten of the top breweries in the country. I enjoy staying home A LOT. I try to make extra money by selling some things at eBay and writing freelance (food-related) articles.

    Currently, we live in NJ, but I have been to a lot of places!

  • mommawellman

    I lived in Yukon,OK years ago...
  • bettdev
    I live in Ponca City...what a small world the internet makes it....
  • [COLOR=deeppink]
    Hi, My name is Heather, I am 23 years old, been married for five years now. My husband is 28 and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder two years ago.
    We live in Okmulgee Oklahoma-there is no one here we know so I really do not have many people to talk to. I was working until my job let me go recently.
    We have two children-
    Christian (boy) 2 years old
    Tristan (girl) 4 years old-starting pre-k in fall
    I am hoping to find people to become friends with and learn a lto from.
    I enjoy genealogy, chatting online, emailing people, mystery books, spending time with hubby and kids and my baby sister, bible studies, health and nutrition, being outdoors, walking and more.
    [email protected]
  • Hi ! I am new on here too. I just love looking through everything! I am a stay at home mom of two little girls. They are 5 1/2 and 4. They keep me on my toes! I am so glad that I have found this place when I want a little relaxation!(which lately I want alot of..but don't get it that I am excited about getting to "know" some of you.
  • Welcome beloved 1324
    There are several ppl from oklahoma on here. There is a board on geneology which I too enjoy, I also love Agatha Christie mysteries, I think I may have read all of her books, some of them twice, I love camping and gardening, my miniature schnauzers, all my cats (of which I have 8 kittens right now) but most of all my 4 absolutely wonderful grandkids. Oh, yes, hubby too. LOL. I'm sure you will find a lot of wonderful friends to converse with. Amanda has made this a wonderful place to meet and talk. So many boards, so many ideas. Just jump in and enjoy.
  • Hi Everyone and Welcome!:p
    This 3rd gen Okie ( who is married to a transplanted Hoosier )has a chance to greet and talk with mothers from near and far but we all realize that we share the same basic problems, fears, and needs and that we can have loving support and some answers discussed here...
    I love beading, geneology, thrift stores, flea markets, and reading ( Auel, Eddings, McCaffery, Anthony, Star Trek, and Benson )
  • Hello
    I live on a island along a major intercoastal waterway in Southwest Florida.
    There is just my wonderful partner in life Tom, and my dog. I love gardening, painting, writing stories and poetry. Mostly I love our little patch of woodlands and yard.
    We use a boat to get to and from our island, There is no bridge. It is like going to camp. At least that is how I describe it to my family. We are trying to improve the soil and plant flowers and weeds, keeping in tune with nature.
    I look forward to chatting with you'all.