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  • Check it out here and add yourself!
  • Those maps are great! It's fun to see where everyone is from.
  • That map is really neat!! Im glad you found it Amanda!! Thanks
  • Amanda, that map is awesome. I found someone from my hometown in South Dakota. Who woulda thought! I love it!!! Thanks!!!
  • I just added myself! This is pretty neat!
  • this is neat im not use to all this stuff so im kinda learning but this is a great site and i like all the new changes
  • how cool !

    i saw a couple of people who where not too far from me !
  • Ok, I'm added, but, I will need to change it soon -- in July, to be exact.

    We are moving to Alabama -- and it looks empty on the Frappr Map -- are there really no AL moms here?
  • Lisa, we do have an Alabama forum--why not check there and see if any are near your new home? I don't think all our members have found this Frappr map link yet.
    Hope this helps!
  • Thanks Barb! I had seen that, but, don't think I saw anyone in my area.

    I just made a new post over there, though.

    We'll see...