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  • This is the place to introduce yourself to everyone. Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

    Welcome to Family Corner !!

    Happy to have you with us! This is my favorite place on the web! This is a great place to make friends and find unwavering support. Everyone here is like a second family.

    I'd like to extend an invitation for you to join us at a few threads. Click on any of the links below and it will take you to different threads/subjects around the site. Once there, just click on "post reply" and jump in with both feet! You'll have fun, meet some great people and just have an all around good time. If you ever need some extra help just click on the "pm" button at the bottom of my post and send me a private message. I'll do all that I can to lend a helping hand!

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    How did you get your user name?? Here you can read how some of us came up with our user names and post about yours!!

    Friendship Flower Thread This is the only thread here at Family Corner that doesn't have a designated topic. We can discuss anything...within reason. We start out with an empty flower pot and after about 25-28 days of posting, we grow a beautiful flowering plant of some sort.....we've never had a duplicate and we've never had any "complaints" over the end result. Feel free to pop in and chat!

    What's for Dinner - yes, we discuss menu plans for the main meal of the day. But we also share recipes, joys, sorrows and so much more.

    Frugal Living? While I don't actively participate in this forum, I do "lurk" there often. It's amazing some of the frugal ideas those ladies have and the deals they get!

    Crafting - like to craft? If so, this is the place to be!

    Games, Tests & Quizzes This is a place to just have fun!

    Couponaholics Club Love couponing? This is THE place to go!

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    Postcards From Anywhere Collect postcards? Want to swap with other members? This is the place to go!

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    Something fairly new here is the Secret Sister Club. We just started our third month. You only need 75 posts to join. Here's the link to learn all about it!

    Again, a BIG Welcome ! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

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    Hello everyone, Pleasure to meet all of yall
    My name is Renee, am 36 years old, A house wife going on 16 years.
    We have 1 child which is going on 8 this year, one mini long haired doxin, nd a cat.It took me and hubby 8 years to get pregnant with him, but God blessed us:
    I homeschool my son, have been for 4 years now, andI love it.
    I like crafts,gardening, this year my son had a huge garden so I canned alot of stuff and made lots of jelly, if anyone wants to I would like to swap recipes or even talk to other homeschooing parents, or just to make pen pale
    Cant wait to meet all of yall


    Originally posted by GLOW4GOD
    I homeschool my son, have been for 4 years now, and I love it.

    Welcome to Family Corner Renee!!!!

    Since you are a homeschooling Mom, in addition to the threads that I mentioned in the first post here (the crafting forum link is there), you might also want to visit our Homeschooling Forum. Here's the link:

    Again, welcome! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Hope to "see" you around the boards!!
  • Hi there, Glow4God Cool screen name!!!
    Welcome to Family Corner! I think this is the nicest "corner" of the Internet. There are so many friendly, wonderful people here
    Your son is a cutie and has such a happy smile. I have a daughter his age, and also 2 sons ages 12 and 2.
    There are lots of great places to explore here. We have a postcard club if you are interested--and once you make 75 posts your son can get a Postcard Buddy. Here's the link to the postcard club:
    I know that my kids are always fascinated to see the cards from different parts of our country--and world!--to look at the pictures and read about different places.
    We love to talk recipes too, and even have a "What's For Dinner" forum. It's lots of fun. Jump in with both feet there at:

    Most of all, enjoy your time here!
  • Welcome to Family Corner Glow4god

    Hi Renaee!! What a beautiful picture of your son!! I'm sure you will enjoy your time spent here at Family Corner. This board is filled with an amazing group of Women who will welcome you with open arms! There is lots of information here just a click away. So grab something to drink, pull up a chair and browse away.

    Some forums that I find of interest and thought you might are,

    Gardening With children

    Recipes for Kids

    Daycare providors and Preschool Teachers

    Postcards from Anywhere

    Looking for Penpals?

    If you have nay questions please just ask, I will do my best to answer them for you.
    See you on the boards

  • Welcome to Family Corner Glow4god !!!

    I know you will find several things of interest to you here at FC. Just jump right in and start chatting!!