Self Improvement

  • What kind of self improvement things are you working on?

    I think I finally have a handle on making better use of my time. That is something I struggled with for a long time. I would sit here ALL day and not get anything else done. Now, I use the computer as something to look forward to after all my chores, etc are done.

    I NEED to do better with exercise though. I am walking but I need to walk EVERY day.

    hugs, train
  • I am working on healthy weight loss (I know, who isn't LOL) and on bcoming better organized. I am also trying to read more, not just for fun but to learn something!
  • walking more
  • I used to have my nails done~~but quit that. So, I am giving myself home manicures/pedicures and trying to keep them neatly trimmed and in good shape.

    I, too, need to walk more......
  • to make it on my own more and more, and to come out of my comfort area, and live life before it passes me up.
    Learning life can give you lemons, so make lemonaid and continue to move forward and not allow it to make you stubble or become fearful.. GOD is in contorol, and HE is with you and things will work out somehow even if you don't feel it will..