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Miss Money Penny 05-17-2015 11:24 AM

Baby Alphabet
A is for Appetite, which baby has
B is for Bottle, which baby drinks from
C is for Crib, that baby sleeps in
D is for Diapers (cloth), that baby wears
E is for Energy, that baby has an abundance of
F is for Friendly Smiling Face, that baby is so good at sporting
G is for Grin, the cute toothless one
H is for Hugs, that baby get's lots of
I is for Immaturity, that all babies have
J is for Joy, the feeling proud mothers possess
K is for Kisses, lots and lots of kisses
L is for Love, that all babies deserve
M is for Milk, that baby loves and needs
N is for Naptime, a time mothers need!
O is for Overture, that baby sings oh so very well! LOL!
P is for Pins, that hold baby's diapers on
Q is for Quadruplets, that some moms are surprised with!
R is for Rubber pants, that baby wears over his cloth diaper
S is for Spanking, which mommy sometimes administers
T is for Toilet Training, when diapers are no longer needed
U is for Undies, when baby gets big
V is for Vaccine, that all babies need
W is for Wet, which babies are all the time!
X is for Xylophone, that baby loves to play
Y is for Yell, and at the top of his lungs!
Z is for Zzz's... where the home rests at ease when baby isn't dancing on his knees

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