my baby girl is growing up!

  • I have been so depressed the last month. my little girl will be a year old in 2 months! although I knew this time would come, I just want to her stay my "little" pumpkin forever! she is my and she will ALWAYS be our (mine & hubby's) baby girl, but pretty soon she will be running around and controlling this house! How does time fly by so fast?


  • Another?
    I agree 100%. Time does fly by so fast.
    I became pregnant again right around the time DS was 10 months old. Now I have a 20 month old Toddler and an 8 week old newborn. Both are boys, so it's nice. And I like having an infant around the house.
    Are you thinking of a sibling for your little girl?
  • oh yea, we plan on having atleast 2 little siblings for skylar
  • I agree. Mine turned 1 on the 3rd & just started walking on her own. My other will be 5 in september & starting kindergarten in August. I miss my babies but no more for me. Even though a phsyic told my MIL that i'm having another one w/in the next 12 months.