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AnnaInOhio 10-24-2005 12:48 PM

Frugal Christmas Gift
As most of you know that follow the "What Did You Do Frugal Today" or Crafts section, I make candles and created a scent I called "His Glory" about the coming of Christ. My dh's cousin suggested I package it with a CD for our mall and craft shows. Well CD's are expensive as a rule unless you copy one but a co worker told me that The Dollar Tree had very nice CD's for $1.00. They had alot to choose from, one called "Spirtual Healing" that I got and put together in a clear vynyll gift bag with the candle (jar candle). This is just to give you an idea though of buying a candle, maybe vanilla color white, adding one of these CD's, they also had ones of flutes, piano (mine is ocean waves w/piano 34 minutes 10 tracks) . You could use a gift basket and maybe add bath salts or a scented soap. I think this would make a nice gift at the holidays when we are all so stressed, running here and there, cooking, cleaning, Whew!

Hope this helps during the hectic holidays.


RobertaD 10-24-2005 03:25 PM

What a great idea Anna. A CD would be a very nice addtition to any gift basket. I don't have a Dollar Tree near me but the other dollar stores might have them as well I'll have to look.

I made an 11 bean soup mix one year and gave as "thinking of you" gifts. I bought a pound of 11 different kinds of beans (couldn't find 13) and a container of ham flavoring the 11 jars ended up costing under $2 per gift which included buying new lids and rims for the canning jars I got for free from my boss's wife.

I plan on giving mixes this year as well as gifts with the instructions on finishing up the recipe.


AnnaInOhio 10-24-2005 06:04 PM


We had a thread here cpl. years back on mixes like that... one I used was hot Cocoa mix. I still have the recipe around my house somewhere. I tied it off with a pepperint stick. I've also made up single pack sizes with a mug and a plastic spoon dipped in chocolate w/ paraffin. Both went over well at work.


ajrsmom 10-24-2005 07:21 PM

Here is the link for the "Master Mixes" subforum:

There are tons of great ideas there!

Anna, I think that you have come up with a wonderful gift idea! I hope you sells tons of them!!


RobertaD 10-29-2005 05:01 AM

Family Dollar is having a sale this week on fleece throws 50x60 for $3 a piece and I thought what a great gift that you can personalize to the gift receiver with fabric paint, applicas or embrodery. (I know I didn't spell that right)

I'm going to stop and pick up a couple and let the kids decorate them for Grandparents and teachers.


RobertaD 12-05-2005 09:15 AM

My Pastor was recently diagnosed as Diabetic so I printed off 24 recipes from the MomsMenu website.

I used the index card format I found in my MS Word label program and printed on some colored paper that I had. So for the cost of the ink (set on draft print) and 30 minutes of my time we have a different gift to give him.


AnnaInOhio 12-05-2005 09:25 AM


And a very thoughtful gift too.


leolight 12-18-2005 11:51 AM

good ideas. I went to my local CVS today and picked up some Burt's Bees kits for my cousins. The products are good and much less expensive than products from Bath&Body Works or the Body Shop.

Houston-Mom 06-10-2006 09:39 PM

Hey Guys,
I have a great Christmas idea for Grandparents. My sister in law and I sat down and made paperbag scrapbooks for the Grandparents for this up coming Christmas. We gathered at my house and brought photos of each of the grandkids and made a page with each child on it and some with them as a group. Some were even photos with that Grandparent. It will be a personal gift that they know didn't come from the store. I think Grandparents treasure those the most.
^^ Houston-Mom^^

ellenmelon 06-11-2006 07:25 AM

One year I got tins and put family recipes inside. It was five of grandma's favorites cookies. Then because gma had a broken hand, my dh and I made batches of those cookies for gma to have at her house when the children visited.

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