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  • I have a dear male friend whom I've known practically all my life. He is finally getting married and I am looking for ideas of what to get for him and his wife. I don't know HER at all, so don't know what she likes or what her tastes are in decor. I haven't asked them if there's anything imparticular they would like yet. But might do that if I don't get any good ideas on here.
    Just looking for some ideas of what others have given for wedding gifts. I haven't gone to many!
  • Wedding Gifts

    First of all welcome to the frugal living section, sorry I'm late getting on here to help.

    Something I've gotten for weddings several times is a nice photo frame with the couples name engraved on it... we have a store here in Columbus called "Things Remembered". The last 2 weddings I went to one couple was going to the Bahamas for their honeymoon, so we just gave a wedding card with $20.00. Second couple we also gave $20.00 to use as they liked.

    Money is always useful especially if the couple is going on a nice honeymoon.

    Both couples work where we do and none of us make alot of money so the cash helped them to have a little fun.

    Hope this helps.

    Above all, don't get them a toaster... lol!

  • Weddings.
    Now when I got married 18 yrs ago we didn't get a single toaster, blender, toaster oven, etc. and had to go buy those small appliances when we got home from our honeymoon.

    We got CASH which was really helpful since my husband hadn't found a full-time job yet when we got married the day before college graduation and TOWELS from at least 6 people, LOL.

  • I would ask if they are registered anywhere to get an idea of what they are wanting for their place. Then when you know what they want you can decide what you can afford to get or make.

    A personalize homemade cookbook of quick, easy and delicious recipes & hints would be a hit if they don't cook much. If you know his parents you could get some of his family favorites to put in it as well. You could add the cookbook to a basket with some of the ingrediants & spices to get them started. You would end up with a thoughtful and personal gift for a nominal price.

    I've made up a gift basket of sparkleing cider, bubble bath, a candle, body or massage lotion to be enjoyed at home.

  • You might be able to find an idea at another forum here.

    Here's the link to our Wedding Sub-Forum:

  • My FAvorite Wedding Gifts to give are:
    The first one is a First Christmas together ornament. It becomes a bit more personal than another place setting to their China.

    My other Fav but more expensive gift is a couple of found champagne flutes (from a thrift store or antique store etc.) with a nice bottle of champagne if they drink it or a bottle of sparkling apple cider for the Bride and Groom to toast each other when they are alone. Wrap it all up in a pretty gift basket.

    These are my two favorite wedding gifts to give.

  • When some friends of ours got married, they had recently purchased a house with a large back yard. Financially, they were fine so we bought them a croquet set and bocce ball set. Since they like to entertain outdoors, we thought it would be an unusual and useful gift.
  • i did this once.......there was a store that sold glass items and did the engraving for free there when you bought it . i got a set - wine decanter with two champagne glasses. on the decanter...The (last name)'s with the wedding date below. on the glasses...their first name
  • Hi,

    For weddings I've framed the wedding invitation and then bought a matching frame for the bride and groom to put their wedding picture in. Sometimes I've used the divided picture mats depending on how the invitation is made.

    It has been a nice and unusual gift. For one wedding I put the frames in with some nice towels. It just depends on what I can afford at the time.

    I hope this helps
  • Many times when I have been uncertain I have given mirrors. There are many shapes and sizes, plus many different prices. There is always a place to put a mirror and everyone has been very happy with my selections.