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beckri 07-13-2004 06:20 PM

Nothing specific, just some ideas...
What?!? Nobody's posted?!?

I bought a few square plates at Target from their Summerville line that just clearanced at 90%, making it about 25cents each. They're white with some sort of pink floral/asian design on them. I'll put a few pillar candles on there, wrap a piece of ribbon around it and that'll take care of a couple of people for gifts.

Movie night basket was a hit as far as Christmas gift basket ideas. Pretty cheap, though greatly appreciated and takes care of two people at once if given to a couple.

Buying when you come across a good deal and storing it away is obvious. I bought three of the ice shaving machines from the same Summerville line at 79cents each-they were $9.99. I also found a few bottles of flavoring on sale for $1.28 and put those away with the shavers. That takes care of three friends' kids for Christmas already. Last year I bought a couple of green cracked glass votive holders at half price-those are for my sister in law at Christmas. I've done some surveys and earned a few Amazon gift certificates. I use those for my kids to get some goodies that I can't see shelling out real cash for-like a PS2 game for ds, calendar for dd.

I like to make " a jar" gifts or bath salts or fleece or crocheted blankets...

I'd love to see more ideas!

ajrsmom 07-13-2004 06:29 PM

Great Ideas!!!

I made the "movie night baskets" for Easter for my son and my nephews. They were a big hit.

You found some great bargains at Target too! :-D

I wish that we had a Target closer to us.

If you have any other ideas, please post them!! Im always looking for great gifts ideas that are cheap for me to put together. :angel:

minicrafter 07-25-2004 05:10 PM

a few more gift ideas
This is from a crafters point of view, OK? LOL

For my mil birthday this year I made her a scrapbook of all her grandchildren and great grands. I have extra page protectors to add as needed, LOL

For xmas for friends I made cookies in a jar recipies, decorated with xmas fabrics and ribbons and a tag/card with the remaining ingredients needed.

I have 2 in the military so I collect items year round they can use, in a plastic clear box, then i decorate it and send to them if they cannot make it home. It has things like combs, brushes, mini bottles of shampoo, conditioners, make up after shaves, razors, oh and cannot forget the cookies, LOL if they have a kitchen then just the recipies minus the wet ingredients.

I make decorated grapevine wreaths decorated with something to match the reciepients decor.

I make breads like zucchini, raisin or carrot for neighbors who are diabetic using a diabetic cookbook.

canned preserves and some homemade sweet cakes.

these are just some of the things i do for inexpensive gifts for friends and family

I do make all my cards and have started on xmas already LOL

And if your only great at making birthday cards then you can search out others who would like to do a card swap to possibly get a variety of different handmade cards.

Take care

Tamzeng 07-28-2004 07:48 AM

christmas wreath idea
Here's a simplewreath idea which I saw in November (maybe december 2003) Style At Home Magazine for a Christmas wreath. Take a 12" wreath form and wrap with two or three white maribou boa's (not feather boa's - the maribou are fuzzy), attach one silver ball/ornament (or another colour to suit your decor). If you pick up the boa's at Michael's for 40% off, or even better somewhere else, you have a reasonably priced Christmas wreath - it was very stylish and simple.

ajrsmom 07-28-2004 08:38 AM

These are all great ideas!! :-D

Keep 'em coming!!! ::-)::


Kris10 07-28-2004 02:21 PM

Ok, I'm in.

Mine are mostly craft ideas as well. My best is at this link:

2. Magnetic pockets: Attach a magnet to cut off jean's pocket and personalize with fabric paint for holding lunch money, etc.

3. quilts

4. chocolate kiss trees

5. fleece scarves

6. drawstring bags

7. Potholders

Recently I needed a wedding gift and found a beautiful, heavy crystal bowl at JCPenny's for $15.00!!! It was 66% off!

bsktbug2 08-24-2004 09:04 PM

What about for teenagers/college students?
We do a gift exchange on my dh's side with extend family. Every person in a family get's a name, so you only have to buy/make gifts for the same number of people in your family. We have 5, and 1 is in high school, 2 in college. We don't know them real well as we don't live near them - we can remember them as little kids LOL!
Any good ideas? We need to be rather frugal this year, as always!

AnnaInOhio 08-25-2004 04:29 AM


Check out our crafts section for some easy projects. Off hand for the college students I would think a small gift basket with scent soaps (see soaps for ideas in the craft section). Also look around in Oct. to Nov. for local craft shows... where you can pick up little crafts at good prices. For example we are doing a craft show in Nov. and none of our items will be over $20.00. I make pint size canning jar candles scented with fall and winter scents such as pumpkin pie, apple pie, caramel apple.. you get the idea I sell these for $5.00 each. Candles are always a hit with anyone over 16. You can also learn to make your own, they are pretty easy.

You can also start saving Pringles cans now and make cookies, put in the cans and mail.. they hold up pretty well.

Hope this helps.

Oh also, check out our Garage Sale here I'm sure as the closer we get to the holidays the more people will list items for sale and nothing is over $25.00.


bsktbug2 08-25-2004 07:08 PM

Thanks, I never even thought of using Pringles cans to send cookies! My sister-in-law is in college (mil had 3 kids, each 11 years apart HAHA even she thinks she is crazy!):goof:
Anyways, my kids love sending their auntie things in the mail, so I can't wait to try that one!

I've never made candles . . . Although at our craft shows here they are way more expensive than $5!! Maybe I'll have to go to the library and see if they have a book I could check out!

AnnaInOhio 08-26-2004 09:02 AM


We have a candle section on here in the crafts section, you may be able to get some links there. It's really pretty easy except getting the wick to stand up straight, grrr.....! I have found it helps to use one of those large potato chip clips to hold it up while the candles solids up. It's alot of fun. I use pint mason jars, cheap and easy.

Have fun.


emma1 08-28-2004 02:39 PM

;) im with you when it comes to target, you can get some really great things on clearance all the time go targetA!!!!!!!!!:rednose:

kello 08-28-2004 07:55 PM

^^ WOW.........I love this site!!! My new fave!!! Crafting is my thing!!!!! I can't wait for new ideas. I'll post some of mine soon!

kellydid 08-29-2004 05:26 PM


I love the ideas I have seen here. I never thought of the Pringles can, what a great idea!

I also love the movie night. I have a teenage nephew to buy for and I am always at a loss for him, especially since his birthday is in November and then Christmas is right behind. Fantastic idea for his birthday! Could someone please fill me in on a little more info on it?

I make wreaths for the family...grapevine, pine, with artificial ..depending who I am making it for, where it will be going either outside or inside, and if they have made a special request for something to go on it. I also make all the arrangement to go in the "saddle" that we place on the tombstone at the cemetary.

I do alot of baking for gifts. Everyone has their favorite cookie and that is always included in their gift. For instance, my nephew loves my oyster crackers so when I make up his gift he gets a tin of oyster crackers in it.

I will definately be checking in on this site more often!! This is great. Since I cannot sew, those ideas I have to leave to others who are much more talented than I.

kellydid 08-29-2004 05:41 PM

I am so sorry about posting twice, the computer said it had not been posted. OOOOPPPPSSSS!!!!

SURPRISEX2 08-30-2004 06:49 PM

I Love this site and I am so glad I finally found it. I realy like the movie night idea. The pringles can idea was awesome to considering that I usually make Christmas baskets for just about everybody I know. I fill them with homemade goodies like cookies, bread, rice krispy treats, homemade salsa, homemade chili ( my husband makes the best chili it's his own special recipe)and some crackers. I usually start around the first week in Sept. I just do all my canned gifts at the same time I'm canning everthing else. Well enough about that I have one more thing to say then I will get off here. Since this is the creative and crafty thread this would be the right place to request this. In case you didn't know Oct. is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and one of my craft magazines (paper crafts) ran an article requesting that if anyone is willing and wants to make up your own encouragement cards for women with breast cancer. The examples idea was built around the word hope but you can use anything that is encouraging. After you have made the cards you send them to the company and they will distribute them to patients in various cancer treatment centers. So if anyone is interested just let me know and I can get you the address. Thank you for your time.

Hope to hear from you soon

AnnaInOhio 08-31-2004 04:35 AM


Welcome to Family Corner, glad to see another Ohioan on board. Stop back in often and visit and share your ideas with us, we can all use all the help we can get.


RobertaD 09-12-2004 05:33 PM

frugal gifts
I've made my own dry 11 bean soup mix with ham flavoring (couldn't find 13 different beans LOL) layered in a canning jar with cooking instructions as gifts. Instead of paying $30 for 11 pounds of pre-made 13 bean soup mix I made my own for $11.

When making care package gifts I'll shop for Dawn, Rice/Noodle A Roni, Lipton noodle/rice mix, towlet paper, tissues, peanut butter, deodarant, toothpaste, etc. buying all on sale with a coupons.

kellydid 09-12-2004 06:04 PM


What a great idea for the care packages. I think those would be good for the nursing homes the church visits with a little change here and there. Thanks for the idea.

I also think I could use those for gift ideas. thinking...smell the smoke? :goof:

sandieluvsbears 09-14-2004 01:25 PM


Hi, Just wanted to let you all know what my grandaughter made for a school fair over the wk.end. I helped her sew the little damn-it dolls (on this web site0,but instead of the poem that goes with it we attached a small rag mop (simple to make with small dowel and yarn )and made a little sign to put in the other hand that said " I Hate 4 Letter Words: COOK,DUST, IRON,WASH, MEND,they were adorable and she actually sold 12,(we made 16 in all) .Of course grampa bought the remaining 4.


Everybody needs a little tender lovin Bear! (^) :daisy: :heart:

AnnaInOhio 09-15-2004 07:59 AM


Thanks for sharing that idea... I sell the dammit dolls at our consignment booth, these will make a nice addition.


sandieluvsbears 09-15-2004 08:39 AM


Anna,you're welcome what kinds of things do you have in your booth I have alot of ideas I used to set up at a local flea market with all kinds of craft things, now I still do but its more collectible teddy bears,and my husband sells fantasy knives and swords as a hobby. I have a huge craft room and files of ideas!


^^ :daisy:
A Room Without A Teddy Bear is like a Face Without a Smile!

sandieluvsbears 09-15-2004 09:20 AM

wreath idea
Hi again, Just wanted to share an idea for a simple wreath this may even be on this site since Im new here I wasnt sure ,I made 3 last week and they are simple. All you need is 2yds. of any material (prefably cotton and make sure you can see the pattern on the back as well as front unless you are using plain then it doesnt matter)pair of pinking sheers to cut the material into 4"x4" squares, straw wreath, I used heart shape ones but they come in round all sizes also, and a phillips head screwdriver. After you have cut the material into squares you just poke the material into the wreath with the screwdriver,(put the point of the driver in the center of material and push it in)Its that simple and then you just fill in the whole wreath and after you can embellish with whatever the occasion or holiday calls for. I just made one for my daughter and hot glued(love the glue gun) some miniature pumpkins and gourds and scarecrows onto it,On mine I made teddy bear (of course) scarecrows. Its one of those things you just let your imagination take over and have fun
Sandie:typ: A Room Without A Teddy Bear is like a face without a smile!

sandieluvsbears 09-15-2004 12:56 PM

welcome surprisex2

I too am new joined last week. Thats a great idea about the encouragement cards for women with breast cancer. Its very important for us all to have mammograms,they are painless and well worthit. In our area there is a program called "Let no Woman Be Overlooked" it offers mammograms for free for women who cannot afford it or have a high ins. deductible.

A Room Without a Teddy Bear is Like A Face without A Smile!!

SURPRISEX2 09-15-2004 04:28 PM

Hi Sandy

I am glad you think the encouragement cards are a good idea. So far you are the only one who has responded. I haven't done any yet I have a few rough drafts drawn up but I haven't made them into cards yet. I have been canning tomatoes for the past 3 weeks. But now that I am done with that I can hopefully start on the cards because I think it would be so encouraging to someone to receive a card like that at such a low point in their life. Again if anyone wants to send the cards just let me know and I will post the address.

sandieluvsbears 09-15-2004 04:46 PM

where to send breast cancer cards?

Yes I would love to have the address, I think Ill have my 2 grandaughters make some cute cards they love to do things like that, and its so WORTHWHILE!!

A Room Without A TeddyBear is like aFace without a Smile!:hearts:

kellydid 09-15-2004 04:49 PM


First let me welcome you and sandieluvsbears to FC. I apologize for the oversight!!! I am so sorry!

I also apologize for not posting about your breast cancer awareness cards sooner. I have absolutely no art talent whatsoever......if there is some other way I can contribute, donate anything else, please let me know.

Kellydid/aka Nancy

AnnaInOhio 09-15-2004 05:59 PM


I too am not talented with paper.

Our consignment booth is in the Artisan Mall, Logan, Ohio.

We sell all kinds of things and are always trying something new. We sell regularly buckeye necklaces, dammit dolls, blue jean purses, candles, soap, incense burners made from recycled wine bottles, weather forecaster dolls, buckeye bracelets using pony beads only, my husband makes wood clocks, Redneck Fish Finders, I crochet slippers, rag rugs, etc. I'm sure I'm forgetting something... check out our craft section as I'm the moderator there also and have posted things on crafting and having your own business. I just got a digital camera this weekend so this coming weekend will be setting down and figuring how to use it myself and posting some of my crafts on the craft site.


SURPRISEX2 09-16-2004 06:03 PM

Hello sandiluvsbears:

Here is the address for the Breast Cancer Cardraiser that I was talking about. The article said also that if you want you can put in the cards what you did to get through a difficult time in your life thats only if you want to you don't have to put that. Oh and one more thing for anyone that doesn't know (especialy those who live in Ohio) that Friday September 17 is The Power of Pink day it's where everyone wears pink in support of breast cancer awareness. I don't know if any other states are doing that or not but it wouldn't hurt anything if they did. Ok thats all for now talk to you all later and happy cardmaking. Thank you!


Amayesing 09-27-2004 04:38 AM

inexpensive gift idea
Hi ladies,

I just wanted to share this. I went to a conveinence store a few days ago. I saw the cutest idea but they wanted $5.99 for it. They had hot cocoa in cellophane shaped like a cone with chocolate chips and butterscotch chips over the cocoa mix then to top it off they had a handful of marshmallows. I was with a friend, she and I both said we could mass produce these for this same price.

Have a great day


AnnaInOhio 09-30-2004 04:31 PM

Garage & Trade Forums
Don't forget to stop over and check out the Garage Sale forum and the Trade/Swap forum. I just bought 5 hard to find Shirley Temple movies for my mil as Christmas gifts for $2.00 each plus shipping... frugal and to her, priceless!:clapp:

In the garage sale forum I have candles for sale and some of the other crafters are getting prepared to post their items in the craft section of the garage sale forum too, nothing is over $25.00.

Hope this helps. Here is the link.


beckri 10-15-2004 05:44 AM

Someone on a different thread mentioned buying halloween candy after the holiday. I'm keeping my eyes peeled for caramels and chocolate to freeze and make turtles with for Christmas gifts.

sandieluvsbears 03-06-2005 02:47 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Hi everyone! I knew this thread was here somewhere I had forgotten about it, had to go to my "options" to go back and find this!! I was just wondering with Easter ,what do you all put in your easter Baskets? I love making them up and personalizing them to the person, this year I have to make up 6 baskets,in all,the 2 for my GD's are easy but I also make one up for dd,sil, my parents ,dh(of course).
Im just running out of ideas this year,I know for sil I will get things for his new car, like whitewall cleaner,air freshener things,and whatever else I can find in the auto parts section, but as far as everyone else Im having a hard time,besides the obvious "easter candy" ,which I HAVE to put in dh's basket he's worse than a kid!
Anyone have any good ideas?
Hugs Sandie

Bilby 03-27-2007 12:34 AM

Some ideas just never go out of fashion or can be slightly changed.
Loved some of the ideas here thanks.

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