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  • im with you when it comes to target, you can get some really great things on clearance all the time go targetA!!!!!!!!!
  • WOW.........I love this site!!! My new fave!!! Crafting is my thing!!!!! I can't wait for new ideas. I'll post some of mine soon!

    I love the ideas I have seen here. I never thought of the Pringles can, what a great idea!

    I also love the movie night. I have a teenage nephew to buy for and I am always at a loss for him, especially since his birthday is in November and then Christmas is right behind. Fantastic idea for his birthday! Could someone please fill me in on a little more info on it?

    I make wreaths for the family...grapevine, pine, with artificial ..depending who I am making it for, where it will be going either outside or inside, and if they have made a special request for something to go on it. I also make all the arrangement to go in the "saddle" that we place on the tombstone at the cemetary.

    I do alot of baking for gifts. Everyone has their favorite cookie and that is always included in their gift. For instance, my nephew loves my oyster crackers so when I make up his gift he gets a tin of oyster crackers in it.

    I will definately be checking in on this site more often!! This is great. Since I cannot sew, those ideas I have to leave to others who are much more talented than I.
  • I am so sorry about posting twice, the computer said it had not been posted. OOOOPPPPSSSS!!!!
  • I Love this site and I am so glad I finally found it. I realy like the movie night idea. The pringles can idea was awesome to considering that I usually make Christmas baskets for just about everybody I know. I fill them with homemade goodies like cookies, bread, rice krispy treats, homemade salsa, homemade chili ( my husband makes the best chili it's his own special recipe)and some crackers. I usually start around the first week in Sept. I just do all my canned gifts at the same time I'm canning everthing else. Well enough about that I have one more thing to say then I will get off here. Since this is the creative and crafty thread this would be the right place to request this. In case you didn't know Oct. is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and one of my craft magazines (paper crafts) ran an article requesting that if anyone is willing and wants to make up your own encouragement cards for women with breast cancer. The examples idea was built around the word hope but you can use anything that is encouraging. After you have made the cards you send them to the company and they will distribute them to patients in various cancer treatment centers. So if anyone is interested just let me know and I can get you the address. Thank you for your time.

    Hope to hear from you soon
  • Surpriseex

    Welcome to Family Corner, glad to see another Ohioan on board. Stop back in often and visit and share your ideas with us, we can all use all the help we can get.

  • frugal gifts
    I've made my own dry 11 bean soup mix with ham flavoring (couldn't find 13 different beans LOL) layered in a canning jar with cooking instructions as gifts. Instead of paying $30 for 11 pounds of pre-made 13 bean soup mix I made my own for $11.

    When making care package gifts I'll shop for Dawn, Rice/Noodle A Roni, Lipton noodle/rice mix, towlet paper, tissues, peanut butter, deodarant, toothpaste, etc. buying all on sale with a coupons.

    What a great idea for the care packages. I think those would be good for the nursing homes the church visits with a little change here and there. Thanks for the idea.

    I also think I could use those for gift ideas. thinking...smell the smoke?

  • Hi, Just wanted to let you all know what my grandaughter made for a school fair over the wk.end. I helped her sew the little damn-it dolls (on this web site0,but instead of the poem that goes with it we attached a small rag mop (simple to make with small dowel and yarn )and made a little sign to put in the other hand that said " I Hate 4 Letter Words: COOK,DUST, IRON,WASH, MEND,they were adorable and she actually sold 12,(we made 16 in all) .Of course grampa bought the remaining 4.


    Everybody needs a little tender lovin Bear!
  • Sandie

    Thanks for sharing that idea... I sell the dammit dolls at our consignment booth, these will make a nice addition.