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  • I just moved into a small town a few months ago, and would like to start a women's groups of some sort. All ages welcome. It would be like a craft club or coffee clatch or something like that. Any ideas out there on how to start one up and what kinds of activities to do. Do you belong to a group like this?

    Any ideas and tips would be appreciated.

  • I don't know about starting a club, but I belonged to the Jaycees for years and met some great people through that group; plus gained some valuable skills along the way. I don't know their website offhand, but they are worldwide so you may already have a chapter near you.
  • Hi Wildflower,
    I'm going through this right now! I'm a military wife and stay at home mom (in a brand new town) with need for adult interaction! I have two suggestions for you to meet other ladies. Number 1 (is what I'm currently doing) is to start a Bunko (or Bunco) group! There are always people looking to join one of these fun game groups and they are very easy to organize and play. You need from 4-12 people, we get together 1 night a month have a potluck (yeah) and then play a game of Bunko. I've found it easier to get people committed to a monthly game night where they will have some fun, food, friends, and prizes! There are lots of instructions, advice and supplies on the internet if you need more info, I can also help! Putting an ad in the local paper about a bunko group will also help you gather enough people, I've done it myself! The 2nd is to join a volunteer organization, whether it be a "Junior League" or "Mom's Club", that's an instant way to meet people with similar interests and do something good for your community at the same time.
    Good luck! Hope I gave you some ideas you can use!
  • Hi, this is the first time I do this so I hope I get it right.

    We have started a Bible study group, which was easy enough to put together, since there are lots of good books and material... we have tackled a lot of practical topics and people have started to come, even non-christians have found it interesting and it's been a great success.

    From that have sprung a whole series of groups. One of the girls is a dance teacher, so she's put together a dance class and some of us go, together with others who are not in the BS. Then a few of us love to crossstitch, so we get together for that over tea, with others that join in... any common interest is a good basis for a group, you just start with two or three and spread the word and watch it grow.

    We once had a toddler's group, we got together twice a week in a rented space where our kids could play and we could rest and chat for two hours... that was a great group!

    If you're willing to put a little time into it, you can really start a lot of things, and others will join and give you a hand.

    Hope this was encouraging!

  • I'm interested in this too. I've been contemplating starting a craft club in my town, but don't know enough people who would be interested in doing one. Also, is advertising in the newspaper worthwhile? And would I buy all the supplies for projects or tell people what they have to bring or just charge them a fee to the projects?
  • Hi, I just joined a club in December, called $20. club...
    There are 12 of us and we meet once a month, each bring $20. and draw a name; that person wins the money, gets to host the party the following month, and provides the snacks and entertainment. Best of all has $240. to spend on themself (not for bills)! They also pick a letter and we each buy a $2. gift that starts with that letter, and bring in a bag. We draw names for those, and can pick a bag, or steal one of the others who has already opened theirs! So everyone comes away with a gift, and you only have to host once a year. (once you have won the money, your name doesn't go in again). I just hosted this week and because I am a herbalist we made facial scrubs, lip balms, etc. but mostly we just play a board game...whatever you want..then we show what we spent the money on (or what we plan to get) I got my massage table I have been wanting!
    It's a nice get together, and once a month may not be enough for you, but I work full time and am trying to get my herbal business going, so am busy, but just a night out for myself!
  • I participate in a recipe/gournet club. We get together about once a month and each bring some food (usually around some theme). Then we also have a Yahoo group where we keep in touch share recipes, get ideas, and plan our events.

    I found them through an online recipe Website:

    It's really a great group, because there is alot of diversity and everyone seems to just enjoy having fun.

    I also have friends that are in book clubs--maybe you could check at the local library for something like that?

    Lastly, the other way I've met people is through volunteering--find a cause that is important to you, then volunteer time every week or month.

    Good luck.
  • I have just started a small craft get together. What I did was talk to a couple of other moms while dropping my dd at school. They talked to their friends and poof, a craft afternoon was born. We meet one afternoon a week while the kids are at school. One person volunteers their house and they do some baking (or not,it is optional) and provide tea/coffee etc.

    We all bring whatever we have to work on. Some of us have old crafts we started 14 yrs ago! We even have some who have sorted tax receipts. If someone wants to learn a new craft, we all can learn, One lady is an excellent quilter and there is talk of her teaching us a new quilt.

    It is an opportunity for an adult afternoon, and a chance to pick up something that has to be done or learn something new with no more expense or expectations from anyone than what we want to deal with ourselves.

    It's fun and I wouldn't give it up for anything!
  • Fun Adult Get-Together
    We do a scrapbooking club, one day a month at an area church, you do not have to belong to the church. You just come when you can. We also take extra stickers, papers, etc. and we share these with our other scrapbooking buddies. Each person brings a drink and a snack to share, we start at 5:30 and go till midnight, but some people leave earlier. We send one person out to pick up supper, each person pays a little over what their meal would be with tax and the extra is donated to the church. Everyone loves to scrapbook.

    Hope this helps!
  • Oh wow! I knew you all would have some good ideas!

    I will have to check around now and see what the people here would like to do.

    Will let you all know what I chose and how it goes.