What was the Last Movie that You Saw?

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  • and was it at the theater or rented?

    was it any good?

    do you recommend it?

  • we rented
    Once upon a time in Mexico
    with Johnny Depp and Antonio Banderas

    It was pretty violent and gory.... Johnny depp was amusing... but not sure that I would recommend you spend your money to rent it
  • Brother Bear at the $1 theater. It was pretty good.
  • American Wedding
    Very disappointing!!!!
    I really enjoyed the first 2 American Pie movies... but this one was really stupid!!!!
  • S.W.A.T.
    This movie wasnt too bad... started a little slow, was kinda predictable but all in all not a bad movie ;-)
    I like Samual L. Jackson and Colin Ferrel was actually pretty good!!
  • Hi. I have seen two movies recently at the theater. I saw "Cold Mountain" which was excellent. (I ended up seeing it twice) I also saw "The Butterfly Effect" this weekend which got terrible reviews but I thought it was great. There are a few very intense scenes but the ending was very good. I thought it was worth seeing and if you don't see it in the theater it would definitely be worth renting the video.
  • We bought Second Hand Lions. It was a great film. For the family. Both the kids and adults liked it. Highly recommend.
  • Calendar Girls.

    My daughter (22) and I went out for a Girls Day Out together, went to lunch and saw this superb movie and then went shopping. The movie was exceptional, is for adults, not children. There is brief near-nudity that is totally necessary to the plotline and not the slightest bit prurient.

  • movie
    saw SECOND HAND LIONS....loved it! Great family movie. Before that - Sea Biscuit - thought that was really good too. I find it increasingly difficult to find films that are ok - for example, we got Uptown Girls - HATED it. Not appropriate for children. Seems like it is marketed to younger viewers but several scenes are absolutely not suitable.....