Good Morning... II

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  • The storm was real bad here in Florida from Kissimmee to Daytona Beach. Winds were as high as 105 miles an hour. There is alot of power lines down and trees. Many people without electricity. I am very glad the eye of the storm missed my area.

    Have a cousin who lives in Port Charlotte where the winds were 145miles per hour. Called her before the storm hit there. They were all prepared. Will see if I can reach her tomorrow.

    Been busy all day cooking extra food and preparing for the storm. Did not enjoy this at all. Very scarey wondering what could happen. Been watching the TV news as the storm came through all day. They are talking about another storm named Earl is following the same path in a few days.

    Pray that everyone is safe from this storm.
  • Good Morning!

    Have been "lurking" for a couple of weeks, but not posting. sorry. It's been an interesting year. My Ol' Curmudgeon had a heart attack in May and we've been playing "catch up" ever since.

    I'm real concerned about the people killed and missing in FL from Hurricane Charlie. May God hold them in His Hands!

    DD and her DH and kids went "to the mountains" this weekend. DS#1 and his wife are working on getting resources together so they can rent the house next door (mixed blessing - don't ask!). DS#2 and his wife are doing well, and I'm looking forward to getting together with him next week for lunch. Hope his DW and baby can join us.

    One DGK staying with us this weekend so he can attend a woodworking club meeting this AM and work on a project in Grandfather's Workshop.

    Does anyone here Blog? I'm looking for some FC member Blogs.

  • Hi has anyone heard from blondie?????

    ewriggs what are Blogs ?
  • BLOGS are ...
    ...weB LOGS - hence "Blog." There are a number of places (like]Blogspot[/URL] and Blogger) that will host Blogs free. You can post your diary, thoughts, etc daily, weekly or as often as you like as long as you post frequently enough to keep them active. The world of Blogging is growing, and I'm looking for people who Blog.

    The Morningside Project is my Blog. Not many entries so far, and nothing of substance - it's more of a diary than anything at this point. But I do hope to improve it as time goes on.


  • Have never heard of that
  • Go to Google and search on "blog" - you'll be amazed!