Good Morning... II

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  • Good Morning Sis!

    Yikes it was cold here last the 40's and even with the furnace going was chilly still in the house.
    What is with our weather hey? In August is usually when we swim, because the Lake is warmer..well, at least the bugs are gone. Cider sounds wonderful Sis..and I know my guys would love the donuts...I have to restrain myself from

    Man you sure do alot of my guys would love to help you eat all the wonderful dishes you make..I like to make homemade soups, which are more like stews, and have fresh bread with it...girly food, to my guys...they are meat, potatoes, gravy, & corn people. lol They can eat that everyday..I usually make them dishes to last 2 meals.

    Zack and I made Slim a raviolli dinner, garlic sticks, steamed broccolli...and a pan of 13x9 inch hubby loves desserts too.. He has a sweet tooth.

    We bought him a new robe, and jammies to match for his birthday...he looks smashing now! lol

    Also I tease him that the new washer & dryer would be delivered on his day too...Happy Birthday Honey!! lol
    And he is so sweet he lets me run the machines for him...what a guy!!


  • Hiya Lil'Sis! Okay, let's get together at the mill. A few donuts couldn't hurt you. Could they? You know that donuts go automatically with cider??? You can't have one without the other!

    Gee, ..... I sure missed a good meal with you guys! Sounds like Slim had a very nice day.........and a washer & dryer, to boot! Wow!!!! Who could ask for more?

    I woke up at 2 in the morning, tured on to connect with "My World", and what did I see??? A message from MSN, that there were problems, and to try later! Okay for them..... I kept trying til 3 and then gave up. Fell asleep, and when getting up at 6, finally got on. Talk about withdrawls!!!!!!! I'm totally lost without my toy!!!!

    Yep, this weather has gotten so messed up, hasn't it? I only hope it lasts like this for awhile. I'm not prepared for any early snow!! I stil have to wash all the windows outside......maybe tomorrow. I always loved autumn, but it never seemed to last very long.

    Well, time to move on sis,,,, How 'bout an email????
    Love Ya Bunches!!! Big'Sis
  • It's on the way!!

    It's 3:38 now, and about 26 mnutes ago the "calm" began to leave, and a breeze began, some thunder, then sprinkles now. We heard Charley may come up I-4 north of Orlando. Hanging pots are taken down, porch furniture is taken in, and garage door braced, water in containers, flashlights, and battery radio ready in case needed. We never have had a problem in all our years here, but they make this one sound as if it should be taken very seriously. Extra food is cooked and if power goes off, and we are hungry enough we still can eat something.
    Actually, I am not worried. It's DH ("Joe Gloom") who is a constant worrywart. Right now he is rolling up the back porch outdoor carpet.
  • Blondie I will keep you in my prayers that you are kept safe.

    I think you need to come back to MI. and enjoy our "Summer That Wasn't"...

    Gee, can you imagine the yard we could have with all the digging in the dirt going on? Between, me, Sis & would be a showplace! Of course, we both know, you would put us both to shame..for you can work circles around us...

  • blondie I was just thinking about you wondering if you were in the path of charley stay safe

  • Mumsy, I've got you in my prayers, that "Charley" doesn't come your way.....Sounds like dh has things all set for "Charley". Glad to hear that. How's our little fur-ball, Kali, doing?
  • janet

    Thanks for the prayers.

    Your suggestion about my going back to Michigan suits me just fine, and I think you really have an excellent idea about the three of us digging in the dirt. OOOOHHHH, how I would LOVE that!! I am no master gardener by any means, but I love the trying.

    Some new catalogues have begun to arrive, and seeing the gorgeous peonies, tulips, daffodils, day lilies, etc. make me wish like anything that I could grow them. At this time, due to stress of heat, and humidity, my yard does not look quite like it did before it got hot.
    More or less, what there is for me to do is clean up and out now.

    Wind is beginning some, and suppose it will get stronger in time. And it will be no surprise if the power goes off before the night is over. It happens a lot here. ~~Makes for a very boring time, because we sit in the dark with nothing to do. Thank Heavens the toilet isn't run by electricity!!! LOL!
  • boggZ & Puppchen

    Didn't know you two were on, but didn't want you to think I left you out.

    There is more thunder now, and the rain is coming down a bit harder than before. You will think I have "slipped a disc" when I tell you I find this fascinating to watch so far. It's like a new adventure to me.

    Kali was spayed yesterday, and today she is almost completely herself again~~~climbing on things, and jumping up on others. She has what appears to be a "button hole" where the surgery was done. Had to laugh when told the outer layer was glued together so she as no stitches. She checks her operation now and then.

    Puppchen~~wadda ya think of Janet's suggestion that the three of us dig in the dirt together??? I'd love it. Boy, would we have some garden, hey??

  • Mumsy!! Fasinating?? I should have known, you'd feel that way!!

    Oh yes. The three of us would certainly have a go at it, wouldn't we? Let's just plan to fly up there around Christmas time. Then get snowed in til Spring!! SURPRISE SIS!!!!! LOLOLOL Oh what fun we'd have with all that dirt!!!
  • Puppchen

    ~~Bear with me. ~~Kali is on my lap, and I'm typing with one hand~~the extra nervous one!!

    Yes, that sounds swell, but I haven't forgotten how hard that dirt is to dig in up there. It would be very hard in spring and summer let alone in winter. It took a neighbor's plow before. But seeing snow again would be wonderful.

    ~~Would you believe~~it has calmed down noW? No rain thunder, or wind!! There goes my "adventure"!! Alas and alack!