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snowowl551 12-30-2003 12:19 PM

PSP-Paint Shop Pro, Hints & Helps
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I thought I would start a thread for those interested in using, beginning to use, or old hands at using PSP! I have PSP 7 and have been using it for about 10 months. I love it, but beware! It is addicting. I am willing to help answer any questions that new users may have. If you have PSP 8, and I can't answer your Q, I have a friend who does and will do my best to find out the answers.

BoggsZ 12-30-2003 12:25 PM

Marcia Ill be the first to join the thread im so excited to get started I cant wait.^^ ^^

ladyinmaille 12-30-2003 12:46 PM

I think my daughter has that program so I'm gonna sign up, too, so maybe I'll learn something and impress her. lol

janet 12-30-2003 03:01 PM

Hello Snowowl,

I would love to learn this from you...where do I get a free download? Also is there someplace I can store my siggys, besides ivillage?

;-) Janet

snowowl551 12-30-2003 04:01 PM

iVillage is not a good place to store sigs. They do not allow remote linking, which is when you store your sigs on one site, then use the URL to post them somewhere else (like our sigs here). I had started using them and had a couple pages, then they blocked me from using their site!

Here is a web site that has free storage space. Third Age Just click on the "First time to web pages-Go". It should be fairly easy to do. Holler if you need help.

Here is where you can get a 30-day free trial of PSP8. (All the ladies at Sig Country say that you can extend it another 30 days. If needed, I can find out how.)

When everyone is ready, I will post a simple lesson on tubes.

Bilby 12-31-2003 01:26 AM

Oooo Snowowl I have to get my name in here so that I have it for a reference. I said to hubby that PSP7 was easier, cause that's what I'd heard and he said too bad as when one is superceded the old one goes out the window never to be seen again unless there is old stock or something.

I don't know how much of our free trialware is left but I really do want to learn PSP, I'll have 8, when the kids are back to school in Feb.

You are a very brave person to take us ladies on who know not a lot on this subject. I hope you have plenty of patience for us all.

::: 8.30pm New Years Eve :::
Have a wonderful day

snowowl551 12-31-2003 01:31 AM

Happy New Year, Kathy! I have plenty of patience. ;-) I bet you could probably find PSP 7 on ebay for a decent price. I believe that you can click a setting in PSP 8 to make it look and act like 7. Not sure if that is available with the trial version.

Dreamweaver 12-31-2003 04:00 AM

Hey Everybody!!!
1 Attachment(s) glad you thought about geting a thread started for this! I am sure willing to help with PSP 8^^ ^^ That's all I know....learned on the trial 60 day version of that. Actually had it longer than that, but we have to talk about that privately....:.
I am by no means a pro, but belong to 3 different PSP groups and have come a long way. I can get thru tuts for PSP 7 just have to do some things a little differently. Making tubes is something I don't know how to do yet....Really tho for people that are just starting I think they need to just get used to the program first. Whatever everyone feels comfortable with....I am game! This is exciting^^ ROFLMAO
I use village photo to store my sigs that I want to use. Don't have much there tho, but have noticed my sig isn't showing up either, like Minny's. I have lots more stored on my computer tho. Lets see if I can find something I did to show you all!
Dreamweaver:-: :stripes:

Dreamweaver 12-31-2003 04:07 AM

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Guess I should have resized that....That's another thing I want to mention about posting stuff on this site here.....It has to be under a certain size....Can't remember exactly what it is. But it will tell you when you get ready to submit your reply, if it's too big. The example I showed you above doesn't have any writing on it....saved it that way so I can put whatever I want to at the time on it.
So we have Karen, Kathy and Janet so far.....Cool Marcia, this is gonna be fun!!!::-)::
Dreamweaver:-: :stripes:

Dreamweaver 12-31-2003 04:13 AM

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Sorry Linda....didn't mean to leave you out!
Dreamweaver:-: :stripes:

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