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  • What are some things that are said in your part of the world that are hard for others to understand. I am from the PA Dutch country, and there are alot of things that are said here that are so funny.

    Like make out with the lights!!!!

    I know when I was little and our family went out west the lady at a souvineir(sp) shop asked me if I wanted a sack for that? I was clueless we have always said bag!!!!

    Some places strictly call soda....pop.

    I think this will be neat, if we really think about it!!!????

  • Well, Im from Pa. too--the Pittsburgh region--and there are LOTS of different words used around here.

    Lets see.....

    Jumbo--for bologna

    gumband-for rubberband

    chipped ham- for shaved or chopped ham ( this drives my Dh nutty)

    tagger-for tiger

    irun or arn-for iron

    yins-for you all or all of you

    haus-for house

    dahn-for down

    pop-for soda or soda pop

    A LOT of people say "The road needs plowed" "The yard needs raked" ect.... instead of "the road needs to be plowed"

    Im sure there are many more.....maybe KLCRN can help me out here....she from my neck of the woods too!

    Im also proud to say that the only thing that I say from the above list is chipped ham and pop.

    I knew what a sack was when you mentioned it because my Dad was from West Virginia and thats what he called it too.

    There is one more comment often heard around here but I dont really have an explanation for it. You might hear someone ask how another person is doing and their reply will be "Fair to Midland" ( Midland is a town here near us). Just a towny saying I guess??

    Cant wait to read more of these!!!
  • I'm in Missouri and they say "Fair to Midland" around here too, but I don't think there are any towns called Midland in Missouri so I don't know how it came to be here????

    Everyone says "Show me" our state nickname is Show me, they say nobody will believe anything in Mo unless you show them.

    Hawler = this is a type of yell and is also used to discribe a low place in the land where the fog gathers.

    jog = not just an exercise, it is also a split in the road , where the road makes a Y.
  • Well we just do everything differently here because we can!
    Chips are fries
    soft drink is your soda
    biscuits are your cookies
    nappies are daipers
    I'll have to have a think on this as I'm sure there are a couple I can come up with.
  • arjsmom
    I say the road needs plowed, I did not even realize that is not proper english!!!! Did you grow up in PA? I'm just wondering if that is PA dutch or just PA!!!???

    On top of the improper english, I have the dutch accent, I try to hide it, I hate it, then we have this horrible use of words!!!!

    Here is one that we always said as kids, and thought everyone knew what it meant, until my sister said it to her boyfriend and he looked at her like she lost it......ooooouuuuuwwwweeeeee

    You do that to them when they do something bad, I don't even know how to spell it, every one will be mis-saying it it is kinda like ouwe, just really drawn out!!!!

    These are so fun, love hearing them...keep um coming!!!!!

  • We used to have what's called rhyming slang, and sometimes the rhyme is longer than the actual word.
    Dog and bone ~ telephone
    dogs eye ~ meat pie
    Captain cook ~ have a look
    I'd have to ask my FIL for more those, as his generation had more to do with that. We don't use them very often at all now.
    Flatout like a lizard drinking ~ very busy
    pulling my leg ~ teasing or making fun of
    take a gander ~ take a look
    chook ~ chicken
    lollies ~ candy
    caravan ~ trailer
    bloke ~ man
    nippers ~ kids
    jelly ~ jello
    petrol ~ gas
    dunny ~ toilet
    arvo ~ afternoon
    skyte ~ brag
    barbie ~ BBQ
    lead foot ~ fast driver
    a trailer is what you hitch onto the back of your car to carry stuff, usually rubbish.
  • Bilby, I thought take a gander was a dutch term!!!!
    We do use the pulling your leg, and lead foot, mean the same thing for me!!!

    Here is one, when something is empty, we say- "it is all"....all what???? Or when we are going away and ask someone- "do you want to go with?"

  • Hi Karen

    I went back and read what I wrote about the roads and I shouldve added that I was ( and still sometimes am) guilty of saying that too! My Dh pointed it out to me a long time ago. I didnt see anything wrong with it either, LOL!!

    I grew up right here in this region but would LOVE the chance to live in another state....just not in the cards for us right now.

    Love this thread!!
  • ajrsmom
    You know I mostly, posted this because I know I am very PA dutch, and that somethings we say just don't make any sense!!!

    I am hoping that with us posting all these we will understand everyone a little better, and feel even more comfortable with posting!!!! I am horrible with words to begin with, much less with PA dutch thrown in there. And, in school, they did not correct us, I guess because it is right here in the PA dutch country, they probably figured we would never leave, and no one would ever know the difference.

    I am really enjoying the ones from Australia, they are really neat!!!

    Maybe I should have labeled it as sayings from your neck of the woods....

  • I grew up in Missouri too and we always said "Fair to middlin" (as in middle)

    We also called soda pop. In Germany don't ask for a soda or you'll get bubbly water. You have to ask for a cola, fanta, etc.

    We lived in Alabama for 6 1/2 years and there we picked up the habit of saying "We're fittin (fixing) to" as in go, smack someone, etc