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MrsManiac 02-22-2003 07:46 AM

My favorite poem "Thank You, Lord"
Thank you for this sink of dirty dishes;
We have plenty of food to eat.
Thank you for this pile of dirty, stinky laundry;
We have plenty of nice clothes to wear.
And I would like to thank you, Lord,
For those unmade beds;
They were so comfortable last night.
I know that many have no bed.
My thanks to you, Lord,
For this bathroom
Complete with all the splattered mirrors,
soggy, grimy towels, and dirty lavatory;
They are so convenient.
Thank you for this finger-smudged
Refrigerator that needs defrosting so badly.
It has served us faithfully for many years.
It is full of cold drinks and enough leftovers
For two or three meals.
Thank you Lord, for this oven
That absolutely must be cleaned today.
It has baked so many things over the years.
The whole family is thankful
For that tall grass that needs mowing,
The lawn that needs raking;
We all enjoy the yard.
Thank you, Lord, even for that
Slamming screen door. My
Kids are healthy and able to run and play.
Lord, the presence of all these chores
Awaiting me
Says you have richly blessed my family.
I shall do them cheerfully
And I shall do them gratefully.

Kind of puts things in perspective!!

cowboysgemini 03-21-2003 10:34 AM


Someone sent this to me several years back and I thought others might like to read it, due to the times we are going through now.

I was walking down lifes' highway, a long time ago; One day I saw a sign that read "Heaven's Grocery Store". As I got a little closer, the door came open wide, and when I came to myself, I saw I was standing inside.

I saw a host of Angels; they were standing everywhere; One handed me a basket and said, "My child, shop with care". Every thing a Christian needed was in that Grocery Store; And all you couldn't carry, you could come back the next day for more.

First, I got some Patience, Love was in the same row. Further dow was Understanding, you need that every where you go. I got a box or two of Wisom, a bag or two of Faith, I just couldn't miss the Holy Ghost for it was all over the place.

I stopped to get some Strength and Courage to help me run this race; By then my basket was getting full, but I remembered I needed some Grace.

I didn't forget Salvation, for salvation that was free, so I tried to get enough of that to save both you and me. Then I started up to the counter to pay my grocery bill, For I thought I had everything to do my Master's will.

As I went up the aisle, I saw Prayer and I just had to put that in, For I knew when I stepped outside, I would run into sin.

Peace and Joy were plentiful, they were on the last shelf; Song and Praise were hanging near so I just helped myself.

Then, I said to the Angel, "Now how much do I owe?" He just smiled and said, "Just take them everywhere you go". Again, I smiled at him and said, "How much do I really owe?" He smiled again and, "My child, Jesus paid your bill a long, long time ago.

God Bless and Be With Our Families through the times and troubles that we are in today.

:daisy: :)

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