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  • Is anyone else a really big 7th heaven fan? I love this show!! Any one going to watch this monday?
  • I really like 7th heaven too. My dog Ginger looks just like Happy.
  • YES!!!!!!!!!
    I absolutely LOVE this show!!!! I have my VCR set to tape it every Monday night just in case something comes up and I miss it.

    I have watched it since the very first show! (my, haven't they all grown & changed!)

    I did miss about one year of it when we moved here from GA. . When we first moved here, the cable company didn't offer The WB!!!! DD & I went thorugh severe withdraw!!!

    But, I have managed to catch all of the shows that I missed through re-runs!!

    I wish they could get the guy who played Matt (I forgot his name) to come back to the show part-time! The actress who played his new wife now plays on Judging Amy.

    I also adore their theme song!!!!
  • 7th Heaven
    MY daughter Tiffany and I watch it together on Monday nights .
  • Hi everyone I love the show Its going to be on here all day newyears day can't wait. I wish they would get somemore new epasodes.
  • OH What network is playing it all day on New Year's ????

    I wanna watch !!!!!
  • i just love the show. i am a girl scout leader who has my meetings on monday. so i tape the show. if i had my drouthers i would tape all my favorite shows just to fast forward the commericals.

    i watch judging amy and i dont remember matts new wife on there.

    can't wait for new shows.

    conway arkansas
  • Yes, I used to love this show too, but we don't get good reception here. With a 3 yo & at 13 yo we don't get to watch much evening TV anyway. I wish there were more shows that were like this one. Wholesome, & good for the whole family. I liked Touched By an Angel too, but some of the issues are way too intense to watch with my 3 yo. When I last watched(7th), the mom was handeling the 1 yo twins, cleaning house, keeping up with the other kids & the congregation all while cooking almost gormet meals. HA. I wish.
  • The guy who plays Matt had cancer. So while he was going through treatments they had him working behind the camera. He was helping write the series. At the time of the article they thought he would return this spring. His cancer has been taken care of for now. I too love this show. My kids learn that I am not the only parent who has high standards and expect them to follow God's path. We need more shows like this.
  • tabpicklesgapar
    The actress who played Matts wife, is a doctor....or a med student on Judging Amy. She works at that hospital that Amy's cousin is now a resident at.

    (such a coincidence since supposedly she & Matt left to go to med school! )

    I'd also like to tape shows just to skip the commercials! Instead, I hit the mute button as soon as they go to commercial!!