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  • Greetings to all you people who love words.

    now, i just know that i can't be the only one here who enjoys writing.

    let's face it, if we weren't content to write about ourselves and our experiences, then we really wouldn't be here on forum boards.

    i'd like to meet those of you who write for the joy of it. people who like to craft words. plots, characters etc...

    poets and novelists and short story writers and biographers and philosophers...oh, it just goes on forever. and i know you are out there because i've read you're writing already!

    so why don't we gather around a bit and perhaps share some knowledge and experiences. and for the bold....we can post 'articles'......which is just what i'm going to do after this post.

    on monday, while out driving i saw an incident that got my mind meandering. so, when i got home, i sat and put it into form and e-mailed it to the editor of the city paper. well, to my total delight it was not only printed this morning, but they had illustrated the issue with a photograph and the whole thing took up about a quarter of the top half of the page.

    sooo, being the humble person that i am, i came here to talk about it and didn't really see a place for writers....

    well folks, there is one now!

    i'm really looking forward to your comments.

  • unfortunately, our newspaper only puts news and sports online, so i can only say i made it in the 'print' media instead of pasting an url:

    here is my creation:
    __________________________________________________ __

    Have you noticed how the horns on vehicles have become totally inadequate for the tasks that drivers’ now demand? I don’t mean just our local transit bus issue, but all over our city streets.

    Today, at an intersection, I saw a driver turning right who honked, perhaps a bit too enthusiastically at an apparent friend - or maybe not. Another unfortunate driver proceeding straight though, lacking my vantage, heard only a loud blast and spun his head around, with a very unfriendly look to see who was honking (blasting?). I think we all do that at times: get on the offensive right away in case we really did do something wrong.

    Horns no longer provide just such simple services as a warning system or form for greeting others. People are definitely trying to make much more complex statements with their horns. Warnings, of course, come in many varieties, from the quick little “watch out” tap to the” full force on the wheel and loudly, screaming blast” of “beware”

    Similarly greetings range from friendly little taps of “hiya” to boisterous “how ya’ doing!”

    There’s that mysterious tap, tap, tapping between the car - courtship members. I can not remember that one anymore but I know it’s still out there.

    And then there’s all those other messages that drivers’ are using their horns for. I can’t really express them in words as I suspect they would not be printed anyway. Think of “hurry up” and “get out of my way” as a couple of the milder messages.

    I do not understand why the vehicle manufacturers are not responding to this need. I would suggest that drivers have avail to a combination of tones , rhythms and volume that could express more efficiently and appropriately, the message they wish to express.

    Personally, I would like a modest little and lyrical note that says “ooops, I’m sorry”, as there are always ‘those times‘.

    I highly recommend that some way to distinguish the blasts of road rage from those of valid alarms is essential, if only to help sooth frazzled drivers who don’t know what that loud blast is all about.

    But then, none of this is applicable to those with Discmans and booming stereo systems.

    As it is said, we do have here, a failure to communicate.
  • It is no secret that I love writing.
    I am so thankful for this forum that I can have a chance to write, express my feelings, share ideas and to keep lists in my organizing journal. I have always enjoyed writing, mostly journaling and old fashioned letters!!
    This forum is SO FUN!!!
  • write on! trainlady...

  • writitng
    Hi I am glad to see a forum for writers, yes I guess I could call myself a writer an ameture writer but a writer, I have written a few things , one is a poem about my son who is autistic, I did send it in to a poetry contest which was a scam as far as I am concerned, they wanted it to put in a book and I buy the book for $50 or some silly price, anyways be careful with these scammers.
    I have written a childrens story for an assignment through this course I was doing correspondance, this was weird, still to this day I don't know if it was my story, it was about a baby dinosaur
    that was lost, and a year later there was a movie that came out to the theaters called Baby about a baby dinosaur, so these courses that you here about through correspondance don't go for them unless there in a collage near by in your town, this one was in Connedicut I think. May not have anything to do w/ the course but it sure made me suspicous I dropped out right after that. So beware, I would love to do freelance if I had connections its hard to actually get published. Any ways glad to see this group, I will be back often, I also sell my own crafts that I make
    Sandy in Canada ( any Canucks out there)
  • good morning everyone,,well i dont no if this is the type of writing you are talking about ,but when i was on another site,this is what i wrote,for halloween,and now i have one started for thanksgiving,but dont have it finished yet,still working on it,,would you like to read it,,i had some help from a friend of mine
    on another site,,

    the ghost story i wrote, i really like that one,,it was just something i wanted to do,,then after that,,i just started writing one for thanksgiving ,but i can only work on it a little at a time,the same lady who help me with ghost story,is also joining in and helping me with the thanksgiving story,,if you would like to read it feel free to do so,,it was a lot of fun,but please excuse some of the spelling,,lol,,got to excited when writing it,,
  • that's great fun bonnie....i recently read a book by a group of mystery writers that did the same thing.....writing a chapter and leaving it hanging for the next writer to carry on.

    any other writers out there lurking?

  • thanks dxlifer,i just got bored,and wanted something to do,,but it is fun,,lol,,and it was fun just sitting here drinking coffee late at night and early of a morning, when everything is quiet,and peaceful,,
    glad you liked it,,have a good evening,
  • you too, bonnie

    i've been scheming up an article on the amount of work that recycling's in my head but need to sit and work it out on the keyboard yet.
  • i need to go back now and work some more on my :thanksgiving story,,have to get it finished,cant wait to see how it ends,, lol
    when its done i will let you know,,but its getting interesting now,

    oh by the way ,,good morning,just sitting here having coffee,