What Book Are You Reading Right Now?

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  • What are you reading right now, and why? I am always curious to find new authors and why readers choose them.

    Right now I'm in a light reading mode. I'm in the middle of Coast Road by Barbara Delinsky. I've just discovered her, quite by accident. I was waiting for a friend at the Dr.'s office and hadn't brought anything with me to read. The woman sitting across from me had just finished it and asked me if I'd read any of hers. I hadn't and she graciously gave me the book. So far I love how she writes.

  • Right now I'm almost finished with "Ancient Ones" by Krik Mitchell. It's a suspense murder mystery set on an Oregon Indian reservation. It's like Tony Hillerman's books. Then I'm going to read "Vineyard Blues" by Phillip A Craig, another mystery set on Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard.
  • I don't know if you know but there are some favorite books listed under "idle chit chat". The only thing is that it's a lot about favorite cookbooks. I've listed several great books (not cookbooks) that I've read over the summer so please check it out. Here are two more I've currently finished and loved:

    Blackbird by Jennifer Lauck
    Still Waters by Jennifer Lauck

    I'll continue posting on this thread rather than "favorite books".

    Happy reading!
  • sugarspicenpuppytails

    What kind of writing does Jennifer Lauck do?

    I am just being nosy about peoples current can't put down book. Most of the time I have 2 or 3 going at once.
  • 2 or more books at a time
    Yeah that's me. I usually having one book by my bed, one book in the living room and onther one going in the aaaa- library hehehehehehe

    Right now I am reading

    "Skipping Christmas" by John Grisham
    "Tribulation Force" by Tim Lahaye (rereading)
    "The Book of Splendor" by Frances Sherwood
    (new author for me)

    I just went to the library last night so have a whole new pile of books to read.

    Sharon I have read several books by Dellinsky and have enjoyed everyone. Hope you continue to enjoy your book.

  • stitcher45
    I finished the Delinsky last night and just started David Balducci's Saving Faith.

    I just reread Skipping Christmas. What a great book! I hope you enjoy it!
  • The last book I read was The Runaway Quilt by Jennifer Chiaverini. I found it to be a really fast moving, interesting historical fiction. I enjoyed it very much.

    I've picked up a Jill Churchill mystery book called A Quiche Before Dying to start next. It hasn't grabbed me yet.

    Oh! and I agree, Skipping Christmas was a delightful little book.
  • Last night I finished Skipping Christmas and finished rereading Tribulation Froce. I think I will stitck with The Book od Splender because it is good but it is going to take a lot of focusing. Lots of Characters and settings that intertwine. One of those books that you can get lost in. Love those kind.

    Yes I really loved Skipping Christmas. I liked the way it ended. It was a good heart warming book.

  • I just finished Gap Creek and The Perfect Match. Unfortunately, I passed the books on to some others and do not have the name of the authors.....but they are definately worth the read!!
  • I read anything Nora Roberts puts out, along with her JD Robb "In Death" series. I'm currently reading one by Fern Michaels called "Plain Jane" but can't seem to quite get in to it. Nora has spoiled me for other writers! I also enjoy Kyle Mills, an author I picked up by accident, and Kay Hooper. I read very fast so finding good authors is imperative for me so that I can continue to have something to read! David Baldacci is very good too, although I've only read one of his. Tami Hoag is another writer I really enjoy. I will try out some of the authors listed here—some of them sound very good!