What Book Are You Reading Right Now?

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  • Cafe and everyone out there who collects paperbacks

    Since I am a librarian, your local library would love the donation. They can either put them in their collection or use them for book sale and the money goes back to the library.

    Ask for a receipt to write off for tax purposes.
  • If your books are still in great condition, why not list them on half.com? You can make back some of the money you spent on the books!
  • I forgot about the library. I did that about 15 years ago. HHHHHEEEELLLLLOOOO Sometimes I wonder how I got this far. The brain just don't work like it use to. LOL Pam
  • That is another good idea. I will check it out also. Thanks so much for sending the site. Have never been there.
  • Half.com is a great site to buy or sell books. I found some really good deals on some books for my "picky reader" boys for next to nothing.
  • What are you reading now?
    Dear Friends: I recently volunteered at local Thrift Shop - we sold books galore, paperbacks were quite popular; however, we had customers who had different preferences. Only books that did not move were textbooks (college books). It did my heart good to see people browsing the books - I knew they loved to read as much as I did.

    The books were economically priced, as long as all pages were there - they sold!! Some had to be discarded they were in such sad shape. Some collector items were there too!

    Paperbacks went really well. Children's books also moved well. I myself found some real treasures, books I had wanted to buy a year or so back, felt I could not afford, I found and purchased for $1.00 - $2.00. Cookbooks moved well too! Gardening books moved well. Also, I picked up one of Dr. Phils books which at that time (several months ago) was on best seller list! Always mysteries moved rapidly.

    The Thrift Shop money provides charitable donations throughout our community. Another place that might accept books in top condition, I would think are Veterans Hospitals - always call and check. Or even local Hospitals - good idea to call and check first.

    Too, a good display at garage sales catches the eye - I've seen books priced from 10 cents to $5.00.

    I believe in DONATING to these places.
  • books
    Right now i'm reading Warlock by Wilbur Smith.
    to really appreciate it you have to Read River God,,, then seventh scroll then Warlock. as they follow each other,
    He is the best author who ever lived.
  • Question
    Dh's aunt gave me a bunch of readers digest condensed books. Without sounding like a total airhead...what does that really mean? I understand they are condensed but how?

    right now Iam reading The Chamber by Grisham, it is only about a hundred pages. that is a lot smaller than the original. do they just take out the background information and filler and the story stays intact or are they so changed that it is really not worth reading the condensed version?

    Hope that made sense.

  • Condensed Books
    I've read a bunch of the Condensed Books, and sometimes I liked the book enough to go looking for the original. Yes, they can shorten a book by 100 pages--or even more. They do this by cutting out descriptive parts, and sometimes by taking out entire subplots!! You'll find that the main story is the same, but if you go on to read the original book you'll see what you missed the first time. If you're pressed for time or just looking for something to read to pass the time, the condensed books are great. But if it's an author you really like to read, go for the original.
  • Thank you barbszy

    Iam the type to read the ending half way thru the book anyway... so I guess if I decided to read the original it would not be ruined for me!